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Iran: Regime’s desperation of Japanese PM visit

Japanese Prime Minister's visit to Tehran
Japanese Prime Minister's visit to Tehran

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, June 14, 2019 State-run media outlets revealed the Iranian regime’s fear and desperation from the outcome of the Japanese Prime Minister's visit to Tehran and the possible consequences for the crisis-riddled regime of the mullahs.

In this regard, on June 12, Javan, a newspaper run by the terrorist-designated Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), wrote: "While the Japanese claim they haven't come for mediation, some people forcefully want to call [Japanese PM Shinzo] Abe a conciliator! This attitude is nothing but surrender to [U.S. President Donald] Trump and his inhumane policy!"

Keyhan, the mouthpiece of Iranian regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei, wrote on June 12: "The pro-government press says, 'Germany and Japan came for conciliation, don’t let them go back empty-handed.' Conciliation for what? Negotiation over what subject? Are we to negotiate over the range of American missiles or Iranian missiles? If by negotiation, they mean the same thing we saw in the [nuclear deal], then yes, we disagree. However, negotiation with the U.S., regarding the current situation, if not dullness, is treason."

The state-run Resalat newspaper wrote on June 12: "Not only [German FM Heiko] Mass and [Shinzo] Abe and others don't care about our interests, but on the contrary, they see our interests in contradiction with their own… Tying our food, environment and youths’ employment to the hands of western governments is either negligence or treason, and of course, both yield the same result."

The faction of regime president Hassan Rouhani is also engulfed in desperation and hopelessness.

The state-run Arman newspaper wrote on June 12: "Abe’s trip to Iran on behalf of Trump was destined for defeat. Put more frankly, Abe’s defeat is Trump’s victory!"

State-run Jahan-e Sanat also wrote on June 12: "It is beyond expectation that this meeting, such as the one of the German foreign minister with Islamic Republic officials, comes to any result. Even Japanese diplomats warned before the arrival of their prime minister in Tehran not to have unrealistic expectations from what some call conciliation between Iran and the U.S.

An analyst with ties to Rouhani’s faction said: “By sending officials of two respected and credible countries, Japan and Germany, to Iran, the Americans try to show to the international community their efforts to reestablish negotiations [with Iran]. Since they have evaluated Iran’s positions on not accepting any negotiations and conciliation with uneven circumstances, they use this plan to create a global front against the Islamic Republic.”

State-run Hamdeli newspaper wrote: "The impression of comparing this meeting, and this political Ping-Pong, with the one between Henri Kissinger and communist China, as the ending chapter of all hostilities and the beginning of a friendly era, is an illusion."