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Iran regime website: PMOI/MEK have de facto potential for regime change

The PMOI/MEK has the power to overthrow the regime
The PMOI/MEK has the power to overthrow the regime

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Sept. 19, 2018 - Considering the fact that the Iranian regime is facing the imminent threat of being overthrown, state officials and media simply cannot refrain from expressing their concerns in this regard.

Terms such as “mistrust,” “pessimistic” and “hopelessness” are used, along with warnings about the unknown road ahead.

On September 14th, without referring to a specific enemy, Saeedi, Friday prayer imam in the city of Qom, said this enemy’s main objective is to “create anxiety among the people” and “leave the public facing an impasse regarding their problems and make them lose hope in the heads of the three branches and various entities… this is very dangerous.”

In a recent speech, Mojtaba Zonnouri, a member of the Iranian regime’s Majlis (parliament) Security Commission, said the people’s mistrust is tearing the regime apart.

Extremely concerned about the future, Sadegh Zibakalam, an individual close to Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani, said if circumstances deteriorate, any scenario is possible for the regime. These remarks were published in the “Iranian Diplomacy” website.

“Unfortunately, the people have significantly lost their hope in the future and this is dangerous,” said Mostafa Tajzadeh, a member of the Iranian regime’s so-called reformists factions.

“Open access to social media is yet another problem. This is unprecedented and we have never faced such dilemmas all at once,” he added in remarks to the state-run Iran daily.

In remarks posted in the state-run Arman website, Hossein Kamali, minister of labor back in the 1990s, said a new revolution against the entire mullahs’ regime is imminent.

“Various groups and individuals have yet to realize the necessity for change in our society and continue to oppose such changes. It appears if this mentality gains strength in our society, the threat of violent changes will increase and the Iranian society will head towards radical approaches,” he explained.

These remarks further indicate the powder keg status of Iran’s society calling for regime change. This is the reality referred to by Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei back in February.

“Media outlets linked to the [PMOI/MEK] acknowledged how they have been preparing for this during the past few months, organizing their measures, and having meetings with this and that individual. Targeting people inside the country, finding them and providing support, to come and issue calls for popular protests. The [PMOI/MEK] were the ones making the calls for protests… With these slogans, they were able to gain the support of a number of people. Then they came forward to pursue their own objective and have the people follow their lead,” he said.

Following the Dec/Jan uprising and especially the repeat of yet another episode in August, many of the regime’s Friday prayer imams and other elements are making similar remarks about “devious objectives.”

During a Friday prayer sermon in Tehran recently, Ahmad Khatami, a senior member of the regime’s apparatus, referred to as the “overthrowing current’s” ability to organize efforts against the regime. He also described this as a “crime.”

The Baharestaneh website specifically said the PMOI/MEK is an overthrowing force on the ground and has the power to overthrow the regime.

“The Supreme Leader has time and again referred to them. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce them to the people without any political reservations, and warn all our own forces regarding this true and serious rival.”



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