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Iranian regime media complain over not being invited to Warsaw conference

Press conference by NCRI before demonstration by Iranian Resistance supporters in Warsaw
Press conference by NCRI before demonstration by Iranian Resistance supporters in Warsaw

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Feb. 18, 2019 - This week’s Warsaw ministerial summit turned into a nightmare for the Iranian regime, especially after Iranian communities from around the world gathered next to the conference to support the Iranian resistance.

Even before the summit began, Iranian regime’s propaganda apparatus did its best to describe the effort an already failed attempt, while Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei indoctrinated his followers that the Warsaw summit has no political consequences.

But as the gathering of the Iranian opposition next to the summit of representatives of 60 countries went viral, the Iranian regime’s propaganda went up in smoke. Iranians’ protest and the widely reported conference showed to the world—but more importantly the regime itself—what Khamenei was trying hard to ignore.

“Among the parties who attended Warsaw to increase the impact of the conference are PMOI/MEK members. A senior representative of the group had a television interview with Sky News channel,” Fars news agency reported.

State-run news agency IRNA published an article titled, “Trump’s lawyer speaks about overthrowing the regime in PMOI/MEK gathering,” and wrote: “According to Reuters news agency, an hour later, Giuliani tweeted a picture of Maryam Rajavi and claimed that PMOI is the only organization that can replace the Iranian regime.”

Until today, there is only one tweet from Rudy Giuliani that mentions Maryam Rajavi and it is from September 22 last year and it includes no picture as mentioned by IRNA news agency. As to the alleged Reuters report, there is no such report about a tweet by Giuliani. It is very likely that the whole Warsaw summit drove the IRNA, like many Iranian officials, crazy and they just had to spin a story to manage their causalities.

While Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani’s chief of staff, Mahmoud Vaezi, said that, “we practically haven’t counted on the Warsaw summit,” it seems that Poland didn’t invite nor allow Iranian reporters from state-run media to the conference.

“The organizers of the Warsaw summit didn’t allow IRNA’s reporter to attend,” writes IRNA.

It’s worth noting that Iranian reporters working for state-run media are notorious for their ties to the Iranian intelligence ministry. Monica E. Witt, a former U.S Air Force intelligence specialist who defected to the Iranian regime, was recruited by another Iranian-American reporter named Marzieh Hashemi.

“Virtually right from the beginning of the idea of the summit, IRNA wanted to attend the conference and monitor and report the developments,” IRNA further writes.

“After follow-ups, a media official said that for a summit this big, the license for reporters to attend is sent in an organized manner. He suggested that permission is followed up through Poland’s foreign ministry. But this path was also a dead-end and after repeated attempts to contact the media section of Poland’s foreign ministry, nobody was responsible,” IRNA complains.

It appears that the Iranian regime did its best to attend and spy on a summit that wasn’t important at all and didn’t manage it. Makes one wonder.


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