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Unpaid wages and poor work conditions trigger protests in several Iranian cities

Protests in Tabriz, Tehran and Dorud
Protests in Tabriz, Tehran and Dorud

Reported by MPOI/MEK


Feb. 27, 2019 - On Tuesday, protests over economic woes, government corruption and the repression of the Iranian regime continued in various Iranian cities. Below is a small glimpse of protests happening across Iran.


Workers of Tabriz railway go on strike again

On Tuesday, the workers of Tabriz railway restarted their strike in protest to unpaid wages. Despite efforts by security forces to intimidate them, the workers, who have been disenchanted by the regime authorities’ unmet promises, blocked the railroad and prevented the train from entering the station.

The unpaid wages of the railway workers have become a point of contention and have caused several protests in the past year.

The workers in Tabriz, who are working for the Islamic Republic Railroad Company, also went on strike in January for several day to protest against unpaid wages. Following the protests, regime authorities promised to pay their wages, but reneged on their promises. As the Persian year comes to a close, the railroad maintenance workers are struggling to make ends meet and put food on the tables of their families.

The protests in Tabriz are happening in tandem to similar protests in Shahrud, where railroad workers put behind the fourth day of their strike on Tuesday. The workers of Shahrud stopped working on Sunday in protest to unpaid wages.

In the past week, railroad workers in Hormozgan and Kerman also went on strike and demanded the payment of their overdue wages.

Regime authorities are running the workers in circles, laying the blame and responsibility for paying the workers on different authorities and organizations. The Islamic Republic Railroad Company has said that subcontractors are responsible for paying the salaries of the workers.


Tehran University students protest to arbitrary rules

Students of Tehran University held demonstrations on Tuesday in protest to arbitrary rules imposed by authorities. Earlier in the week, regulation agents canceled the housing of several students who were staying the in the dormitory of married students. The move caused anger among students and triggered protests.


Taxi drivers in Dorud hold protests, demand the release of their jailed coworkers

In Dorud, taxi drivers held demonstrations in front of the governor’s office protest to the arrest of their coworkers. The drivers were chanting, “Imprisoned drivers must be freed.”

The drivers held demonstrations on Saturday in protest to poor working conditions. But regime authorities refrained from responding to their demands. Instead, they raided the homes of the drivers and arrested four of them. The drivers are now continuing their protests and are demanding the release of their colleagues.