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Iran Protests: Tehran shoe market on strike

Tehran, Aug 11-strike by Shoemakers
Tehran, Aug 11-strike by Shoemakers

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Tehran, Iran, August 11, 2018 – Shoemakers of the Tehran grand shoe market went on strike today, Saturday, closing their shops and joining the ongoing and continuous strikes in Iran. They are protesting high prices and lack of raw materials for their commodity.



3:30 PM CET: The Sepahsalar market has joined the strikes that began today in Tehran’s Bazar. So far the shoemakers market, the Moussavi and the Manuchehri markets have joined the strike. The protesters are calling on other merchants to join the strike.






2:30 PM CET: In solidarity with the shoemakers of Tehran, the merchants of the Manuchehr Khani Bazar joined the strikes started today. The striking merchants are moving toward 15 Khordad Street, where the bazar starts. The merchants of the Passage Moussavi have also closed their shops and have joined the strikes.





Protesters are currently shouting “Proud Iranians show your support.”

The strike started at 2:30 PM local time in the 15 Khordad Street and the number of protesters are growing every minute. The shoemakers began their strike in protest to high prices and lack of material for making shoes.


Tehran, Aug 11-Map of where the strike of Shoemakers is ongoing

Tehran, Aug 11-Map of where the strike of Shoemakers is ongoing




The regime has dispatched security forces to control the situation and prevent the protests from expanding.

Despite efforts by the regime's security forces to stop the protests and strikes from spreading, other shoemakers in the shopping mall shut down their stores and joined the strike.




More shop owners are joining the strike which started today. They are shouting slogans "Brave Iranians, support, support."





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