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Poor working conditions and delayed payments trigger protests in various Iranian cities

Iranian teachers protest in front of the regime's Parliament
Iranian teachers protest in front of the regime's Parliament

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, September 2, 2019

Contract teachers protests in front of parliament

On Sunday, a group of contract teachers gathered in front of the Majlis (parliament) in Tehran and protested to their current work status. They are working under unstable contract conditions, have no job security, are deprived of government benefits, and are paid very poorly. The teachers demand better working and living conditions.

Protests by oil-and-gas workers in Bushehr

The workers of South Pars Phase 12 gas plant held demonstrations in protest to unpaid salaries that date back to 2017 and 2018. The workers, who had gathered in front of the refinery, located in Bushehr province, were saying, "We have taken our case to different institutions and demanded the payment of our overdue wages. But so far, there has been no response to our demands."

Unpaid wages has become an endemic problem in Iran, triggering many protests by different labor communities across the country.

Counter manufacturer workers protest in Qazvin

A group of workers of the Qazvin Counter Factory gathered in front of the governor's office in protest to having poor working conditions and being dismissed from work. One of the workers said, "The factory is ready for production, but why isn't it working? Why are the managers of the factory trying to shut it down?"

Protests in Ilam to the destruction of the environment

A group of citizens of Ivan, a city in Ilam province, held demonstrations in protest to the Iranian regime's plans to start operations in a mine in their area, which will cause a lot of environmental damage.

The protesters say that despite having followed up on their demands on several reprises, regime authorities have refrained from taking any concrete measures.

Repressive forces crack down on fuel porters

The Iranian regime's repressive state security police and special forces attacked a group of people in In the city of Kagan, Hormozgan province. According to the locals, the reason the regime has dispatched so many forces is to crack down on fuel porting, one of the only means for the poor people of the region to make ends meet.