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Iran: Nurses, others hold protests despite ongoing coronavirus crisis

Nurses holding a protest rally in Tehran, Iran
Nurses holding a protest rally in Tehran, Iran

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, June 3, 2020—Nurses and people from other branches of the Iranian society are holding rallies protesting poor living conditions as the coronavirus crisis continues.

A group of nurses from various hospitals across Tehran, the capital of Iran, held rallies on Tuesday, June 2, protesting the very low paycheck set by the regime’s Health Ministry for their services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The protesters are saying that based on a recent Health Ministry statement issued to all the country’s hospitals, education centers, and active treatment facilities, or those that have active COVID-19 branches, that until further notice medical staff members will be receiving these bonuses:

-Specialists physicians: 800,000 rials per hour

-General physicians: 500,000 rials per hour

-Assistants: 400,000 rials per hour

-Active interns: 250,000 rials per hour

All the while, in these hospitals the personnel receive 150,000 per hour bonuses.



In Yasuj, south-central Iran, a group of nurses held a rally on Tuesday, June 2, outside the city governor’s office demanding answers to the issues they have long raised. The nurses were holding signs reading, “Our sacrifice should not end in us losing our jobs” and “We defeated coronavirus and now we’re unemployed.” They are protesting officials at Yasuj Medical Sciences University refusing to hire them at the end of their contracts.

Other reports indicate that municipal workers in the Kot Abdullah district of Ahvaz rallied outside the Khuzestan province governor’s branch demanding their delayed paychecks and insurance pensions that have been delayed for the past three months.


Also, on Tuesday teachers at the Khuzestan Literacy Movement teachers rallied outside the provincial Education Department demanding a change in their employment status. The protesters said it has been two years since their delayed salary demands have not been answered. This is the reason they are demanding a change in employment status from contract workers to substitute teachers.

Locals in various areas of Iran are complaining of vast mulching measures by the mullahs’ regime aimed at preventing dust storms and… However, this leads to large areas used by poor locals to feed their livestock being completely destroyed of greens. This cheap method for the regime is extremely costly for locals that see greens being destroyed, and their livestock becoming ill and eventually dying.

Many farm fields have also been destroyed as a result of extensive mulching by Iranian regime authorities, especially in southern parts of Iran. This is also a significant threat to the local environment.