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Iran: Protests reported in numerous cities despite coronavirus pandemic

Military retirees rallying in Shiraz, south-central Iran
Military retirees rallying in Shiraz, south-central Iran

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, May 15, 2020—Despite the ongoing coronavirus crisis in Iran and reports of more deaths and cases across the country on a daily basis, people from all walks of life are reportedly holding checkered protests demanding better conditions.

Municipal workers of District 3 in Karaj, west of Tehran, held a rally outside the municipality building on Wednesday, May 13, demanding authorities to pay up for their delayed paychecks.

On Tuesday, a group of military retirees in Shiraz, south-central Iran, held a rally protesting their land ownership certificates being revoked. The protesters told a reporter, “Seventeen years ago the Classic Army Retirees Union allocated 531 pieces of land to us in Shiraz. Many of these individuals have the documents from that time. However, officials are now saying these documents are unacceptable. Many of these people have carried out construction projects in these lands and now we have a government organization complaining that these belong to them. If so, why have they filed a complaint after 17 years?”

A group of retired teachers rallied in Tehran on Wednesday demanding answers to issues they have raised for a long time now. “It has been 19 years that we have been kept in limbo. The government housing project authorities are not carrying out their duties and refusing to deliver our homes to us. Only a very limited number of these homes have been given to their owners, and even those are full of short-comings and many flaws. The Labor Ministry should seriously see into this matter and provide answers to us teachers about why we have been deprived of our homes for so long,” the protesters said during their rally. “It has been 19 years since we joined the union in hope of having a home a one day. Most of these members are now retired and still don’t have a home,” one retired teacher said during the rally.

Based on incoming reports, locals in Ahvaz, southwest Iran, are in very poor and low-hygiene conditions considering the new spread of the novel coronavirus. Quarantine measures have been extended for another two weeks and there are many of the people who have no source of income. There is also no government aid provided, the reports add. People are literally selling their gold and home appliances or borrowing from others to make ends meet.

In Tehran, a group of nurses and medical staff members from across the country rallied on Tuesday protesting poor work and living conditions, low paychecks, and delays in paychecks and pensions. This gathering was held outside the regime’s Health Ministry and marking International Nurses Day on May 12.

In the cities of Sanandaj and Kerman, part-time teachers held rallies protesting a recent decrease in their paychecks and local officials’ refusal to hire them on a regular basis.

Also, in Sanandaj chicken far owners rallied on Wednesday outside Kurdistan Agriculture Organization protesting officials’ refusal to purchase their overplus chickens, lack of vaccinations and the skyrocketing prices in this regard, and officials not answering to the demands raised by chicken farm owners.