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As Iran protests continue to soar, the regime faces a dead end

Iranian regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei
Iranian regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Aug. 19, 2018 In his recent speech, Iranian regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei claimed that he has a solution to the problems that the country faces. Khamenei’s remarks follow a line of rhetoric that other officials such as Hassan Rouhani, the regime president, have adopted, positing that escalating sanctions will unleash new potentials in the country.

But the realities are much more different from what the mullahs ruling Iran are trying to depict. Khamenei speaks of having a solution to every problem but hasn’t been able to present any way out of the economic collapse that the regime is faced with.

Any observer will realize that Khamenei didn’t even bother to mention his usual “resistance economy” arguments, which had previously been his pet phrase.

On the political and cultural front, regime officials can make many claims pertaining to having enriched the world’s culture, isolated the U.S., garnered the support of all nations and such.

But on the economic front, the figures speak for themselves, life on the streets shows how successful you are in implementing your plans, and you can see the truth on the table and in the kitchens of ordinary Iranian households. Rouhani’s plans to control the country’s currency crisis have only backfired, and even according to Khamenei, it has resulted in more than $18 billion dollars and 6 tons of gold being plundered and stolen by people with ties to the government.

It’s clear that this dead end is, on the one hand, exacerbating the rage of the Iranian people, who have been protesting in the streets of various cities since December, while on the other hand, it is causing discord among the ranks of the regime’s elite and rank-and-file.

Iran experts have observed that senior commanders in the IRGC have started to distance themselves from their rulers, and some of them have even left Iran with their assets.

There’s a parallel between these news and the last months of the Shah monarchy, which the people of Iran overthrew in 1979.