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Iran: Protest gatherings in Gohardasht, Tehran and Kazerun

Tehran, Aug 5-Heavy security presence fearing the spread of protests
Tehran, Aug 5-Heavy security presence fearing the spread of protests



Iran Uprising - No. 203



On Sunday, August 5, on the 112th anniversary of the Constitutional Revolution, , despite the undeclared martial law and the presence of repressive forces who had surrounded the 1st Circle of Gohardasht of Karaj, the brave youth of the city demonstrated below the so-called “Shohada” bridge around midnight, and by chanting “Death to the Dictator”, they caught the regime by surprise.

In Tehran, in spite of the siege of the central parts of the city, frustrated people gathered in different places. The brave youth demonstrated chanting “Death or Freedom” on the Kargar-Jonoubi street. The agents of the repressive forces consisting of the Guards, Basijis, the riot guards and plainclothes murderers brutally attacked the protesters and battered them.

Demonstrations in the Park-e Shahr in Tehran led to clashes with suppressive forces. The people confronted these forces while chanting: Rascals, Rascals! A number of protesting girls and boys were arrested.

The brave youths blocked the repressive forces by burning bins of rubbish and tires in the Enghelab Ave. At the Enghelab Square, the repressive forces arrested the youth under the false accusations of drug trafficking.

The frustrated people of Kazerun protested in the Shohada Street and Square against their dire livelihood situation and the repressive and corrupt regime of mullahs.  They chanted: High prices and inflation, the misery of the people; Death to high prices; Do not be afraid; Do not be afraid, We are all together; Honorable Iranians, support, support.

In Shiraz, Mashhad, and Qom, repressive forces surrounded the rallies in fear of spreading protests and tried to prevent the formation of the demonstration by attacking the crowd.

The people of Bandar Abbas also gathered on Saturday night for the third consecutive night in protest of the high prices and economic situation in front of the Radio-Television station. They rallied at night in the central bazaar of the city.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

August 6, 2018





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