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Rampant poverty and government corruption in Iran

Poverty and government corruption have driven the lives of Iranian people into misery
Poverty and government corruption have driven the lives of Iranian people into misery

Analysis by PMOI/MEK

Iran, June 2, 2021—While the Iranian regime has pushed the people into poverty and misery by stealing public wealth and squandering national assets on nefarious projects, it continues to plunge its hands deeper into the people’s pockets every day under various pretexts to steal what little they have left.

Every day the people’s backs are bending more and more under the tsunami of economic, livelihood, and unemployment problems.

According to a May 30 report, by the Shargh daily: "2020 was somewhat different than other years for Iranians. Essential goods were often rare, or their prices increased by several hundred percent. In the same year and in a few weeks, the dilemma of cooking oil went viral. The latest statistics published by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade show that in 2020, the prices of some types of livestock and poultry feed, fruits, vegetables, rice, oils, chicken as well as iron have increased by more than 100 percent or raised between two and four times, and the prices of 41 goods have increased by 50 to 100 percent.”

In a May 30 report, the Setareyeh Sobh daily referred to a study by the Statistics Center and wrote, "According to these statistics, the inflation rate for the 12 months leading to May 2021 for the country's households was 41 percent.”

“Also, the 12-month inflation rate for rural households ending in May 2021 reached 43.2 percent,” Setareyeh Sobh added.

Regarding the impact of inflation on people's livelihood, Jahan-e-Sanat daily wrote on May 23, "In May, the consumer price index witnessed the rise of annual inflation and the reversal of monthly and point-to-point inflation… The 41-percent inflation recorded in May reveals a few key issues. Inflation is expected to continue to rise in the 40-percent channel in the coming months. The serious danger that threatens society and the people in this case is the higher price of consumer goods and the sharp decline in purchasing power, which completely neutralizes the increase in this year’s wages."

On May 16, Mardomsalari daily wrote, "People—especially the weakest sections of society—can never afford the basic expenses of their lives. In fact, we see that society is moving toward destruction... People's livelihoods and living conditions are gradually becoming a major economic and social catastrophe.”

Clearly, the statistics of the state-run medias on rising prices and rising inflation are based on the statistics of government centers such as the Central Bank and the Statistics Center, which generally minimize the statistics on inflation and poverty.

But according to the same minimized and official statistics, the increase in prices and rampant inflation is such that the increase in the workers and employees’ annual wages cannot cover their living expenses, to say nothing of those who do not have a regular income.

"Everyone who has ties with the government is looking for their own interest, and these profits by some groups have disrupted the economic cycle and do not allow all people and individuals of society to enjoy equal economic resources and desirable livelihoods and to have a normal life,” Mardomsalari wrote.

Even these days, during the preparations for the sham presidential election, the candidates admit to widespread poverty among the people.

Mohammad Shariatmadari, one of the officials who was disqualified from the race, said on May 16, "Except for the tenth decile, the rest of the people need direct and indirect subsidies. Reputable research shows that since 2017, the population below the poverty line has doubled.”

With corruption being rampant across the regime, it is no wonder that the people have no desire to vote and choose one among several thieves that are running for presidency. The people of Iran do not want this regime anymore.