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Iran: Plundered shareholders protest

Clients of the IRGC-linked Caspian credit firm protesting in Tehran, Iran
Clients of the IRGC-linked Caspian credit firm protesting in Tehran, Iran

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, April 11, 2019 - Clients of the Caspian credit firm, associated with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), held a protest rally on Tuesday in front of the judiciary in Tehran, the capital of Iran, demanding their plundered savings returned.

They were chanting “Down with Saif”, referring to Iran’s Central Bank chief.

Other slogans included:

“How long this systematic plundering continue? And why doesn’t it end?”

“Systematic plundering by Caspian Credit Firm has looted the people.”

The protesters called this policy as being traitorous, adding this IRGC affiliated firm is bringing misery and lamentation for the people.


Footage of Caspian credit firm clients rallying in Tehran, Iran – April 10, 2019


Isfahan: Protest rally by steel company pensioners

A large number of steel company pensioners in Isfahan, central Iran, gathered to protest unpaid insurance returns and Nowruz (the Iranian calendar New Year) bonus. Authorities had dispatched a large number of repressive state security units to the scene.

The protesters were seen chanting, “It is a day of mourning … and our money is in the pockets of the mullahs.”


Footage of steel company pensioners holding a protest rally in Isfahan demanding delayed pensions and their rights respected.


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Iran witnessed more than 400 protests through the month of March, according to a monthly report stating the number of protests, strikes, and demonstration across the country.

The rallies took place in 104 cities, towns, and villages. An average of thirteen protest movements were reported every day in Iran, according to these statistics.

The number of protest movements in March exceeded the previous month by 166, which included a 3 continuous-day protest strike by teachers across Iran.


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