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Iran: People able to head towards Pasargad site

A large number of Iranians are heading towards Pasargad near Shiraz
A large number of Iranians are heading towards Pasargad near Shiraz

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Oct. 29, 2018Since Sunday night and continuing into Monday morning, a large number of Iranians are heading towards Pasargad near Shiraz, central Iran, the burial site of Cyrus the Great, a renowned ruler of ancient Persia.


Oct 29-Trafic is heavy toward Pasargad

Oct 29-Trafic is heavy toward Pasargad


Latest update (1400 CET) on Pasargad protest gathering:

Despite various measures by the Iranian regime’s repressive police units and a variety of security units dispatched to Pasargad site near Shiraz, south-central Iran, groups of people have reportedly been able to set these units aside and use nearby hilltops to continue their path towards Pasargad. Incoming reports indicate a number of people from Ahvaz, southwest Iran, have been able to continue their way to Pasargad through the town of Surmeq.

Senior Iranian regime officials are deeply concerned about this gathering transforming into anti-regime rallies. As a result, they have been resorting to widespread repressive measures to prevent any protests. Oppressive forces have imposed tight measures in Shiraz since early Monday morning, not even allowing people to park in many places.


Reports from PMOI/MEK activists inside Shiraz indicate that the authorities have gone to extreme measures to prevent any protest gathering from taking shape. They have even shut down Persepolis historical site near the city of Shiraz.   

Numerous state police and Revolutionary Guards Basij units were stationed in many areas near an exit from Shiraz leading to Pasargad, preventing people from reaching the site and holding an anti-regime protest rally.


Oct 29-Trafic is seen very heavy toward Pasargad tomb site

Oct 29-Trafic is seen very heavy toward Pasargad tomb site


Video footage sent by PMOI/MEK activists in the area and also those posted on social media networks show heavy traffic on roads leading to the Pasargad. Despite measures taken by Iranian regime authorities to prevent any rallies and protest gatherings, people are using different paths to reach the site, causing heavy traffic even on the adjacent village roads.



The mullahs’ regime, deeply concerned of possible outbreaks of protests and major demonstrations on this day, has resorted to massive measures in various cities around Pasargad of Fars Province. The Revolutionary Guards and Intelligence Ministry, along with repressive state security units, have launched numerous checkpoints on all paths leading to Pasargad. The entire security apparatus is currently on high alert and installing cameras to control the roads and prevent Iranians from rallying at the Cyrus the Great tomb site.



At these checkpoints, active since early Monday morning local time, authorities are only permitting vehicles with local license plates (belonging to nearby cities of Fars Province) to pass through. Iranians with vehicles having license plates from other cities, such as Bandar Abbas, Yazd, and Lorestan Province are saying that authorities preventing them from heading towards Pasargad.

Authorities have also placed concrete barriers on a road leading to Pasargad near the town of Safashahr, aimed at controlling all entrances to the tomb site.

Other videos received show columns of repressive units also dispatched to control any traffic leading to Pasargad.

Furthermore, extremely concerned over people also gathering at the ancient Takht-e Jamsheed site, authorities have closed that site down as well completely to all tourists, including foreigners.

Despite these measures, people are seen rushing to Pasargad in large groups, resulting in heavy traffic in exit routes out of Shiraz.




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