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Iran: New protests held in Tehran & Rasht

protests held in Rasht
protests held in Rasht

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, July 18, 2018 Retired bank employees, Kian Tire workers, credit firm clients seeking their savings returned are staging new protests in Tehran & Rasht

Hundreds of retired bank employees in Tehran are staging protests and demanding answers to their requests. These rallies continued on Tuesday and were held outside the Retired Employees Fund.

The protesters were chanting:

“We will return until we get what we deserve”

“We don’t want hollow promises”

“Directors must answer to us”

“Incompetent directors, resign, resign”




In another scene, 200 retired employees of the Kian Tire Company rallied outside the Industry Ministry in Tehran, demanding officials to live up to their promises of periodically paying their retirement pensions. Employees who retired back in 2011 have yet to receive any pensions after seven years, they said.


Retired Kina Tire employees

Retired Kian Tire employees



Clients of the Caspian credit firm were seen holding a rally outside a branch of this Revolutionary Guards-linked firm in Tehran’s Sahrvardi Street.

“We will fight, we may die, but we won’t succumb to humiliation”

“We, the children of God, have been robbed”

Clients of the same firm in the city of Rasht, mainly women, were also seen protesting outside a company branch.

They were seen chanting:

“Our lifetime’s work has been plundered”

“Enough is enough, shame on you, release our money”

“The Larijanis are thieves, the parliament is full of thieves, the government is full of thieves”

“Proud Iranians, rise, uproot the source of cruelty and theft”



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