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Iran: Khamenei rejects using country’s development funds for flood relief

Remains of the devastating floods in Iran
Remains of the devastating floods in Iran

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, April 18, 2019 Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of the regime in Iran, rejected the notion of withdrawing from the country’s development funds to alleviate the suffering of hundreds of thousands of flood-ravaged people in Iran.

Khamenei is using the money stored in the development fund to expand his regime’s warmongering policies in the region and to facilitate the terrorist-designated of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). He conditioned using this money for flood-hit areas after all other sources of funds in the country have been exhausted.

“You are aware that withdrawing from the development fund is only permitted when all other channels of raising fund are exhausted,” Khamenei wrote in response to a letter from Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani.

What Khamenei meant from “all other channels” was money from the country’s national budget, including construction, bank reserves, and insurance. This means the Iranian people themselves will have to pay for the destruction left behind by the floods. The sources this so-called supreme leader is referring to is the money that should be spent on improving living conditions for ordinary Iranians.

The cost volume of the destructions from the floods is so high that even members of the regime’s Majlis (parliament) are expressing concern.

“The volume of the destruction from the floods is enormous and the government alone is incapable of covering it. So, it is necessary to withdraw from the development funds with the supreme leader’s signature,” a member of the Majlis Development Committee said on Sunday.

Meanwhile, in a meeting with some of its corrupt cronies, the regime’s supreme leader resorted to the ridiculous posture of shedding crocodile tears for Iran’s flood victims. While failing to hide his fears of the ever-increasing critical situation the regime has been entangled in, warned his cronies to be “aware” because the situation is like “a narrow road” with “deep cliffs around it.”

“We should be aware and walk carefully, like someone who is crossing a narrow road with deep cliffs around it. You must look at each step you take. You must know that the ‘enemies’ (referring to the Iranian opposition group People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and the US) are increasingly plotting against us,” Khamenei said aired on April 15 by the state-run IRIB (news network) TV station.