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Iran: Fearing the consequences of exiting 2015 nuclear deal

The JCPOA is becoming a major liability for the mullahs in Iran
The JCPOA is becoming a major liability for the mullahs in Iran

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, July 16, 2019 - After the remaining signatories of the Iran nuclear deal, formally known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), refused to heed to the Iranian regime’s suicidal threat of leaving the accord, the destructive path that the ruling theocracy in Iran has chosen has become a crisis itself for the regime.

Some pundits and Iranian media outlets are already expressing concerns that there are no exit paths and solutions to this approach.

Iranian Diplomacy website warns Iranian officials about the current situation of the regime and increasing pressure. “Time is not on our side. Therefore, it is not prudent to remain in such a position for a long time,” a piece reads.

Acknowledging that after four decades the regime “is now facing a plenitude of domestic political, economic, and societal difficulties,” the newspaper admits: “These problems are the result of corruption, inefficiency, monopolism, and procedures that cut and remove domestic sectors.”

Iranian Diplomacy goes on to refer to the dead-end Tehran is facing and comparing that “the ambiguity and uncertainty of the strategy of the Islamic Republic [of Iran] in confronting the developing difficulties are no less than the ambiguous and confusing position of the American counterpart.”

“After close to two decades of paying the price and energy and working on the nuclear issue, and still remaining in limbo and under harsh and increasing sanctions, the situation will lead to wearing out the capacities of the country and the gradual discontent of public opinion,” the newspaper further warned Iranian officials.

Yousef Molaiy, an Iranian pundit, also warns about the economic situation and claims that the “problems and crises that we face on a daily basis in the economy are the result of the sanctions,” and advises the Iranian regime “to use any path possible to cross the dilemma.”

He then suggests for the mullahs to back down from their current approach.

“The peaceful management of the nuclear issue and the difference between the U.S. and Europe in this regard is a requirement for the country today, considering the fact that the continuation of sanctions is more damaging to us,” he says.

Molaiy then warns about increasing international isolation of the Iranian regime.

“Another negative impact of keeping the status quo and the continuation of the disagreement about the JCPOA is that Europe will slip into embracing the U.S. and an international consensus against Iran will be created,” the regime pundit concludes.

Mehdi Motaharnia, another Iranian pundit, describes the Iranian regime’s exit from the JCPOA as fruitless, warning about the results of the regime’s ultimatums.

“We can consider the JCPOA as a corpse whose soul is leaving. About the next two months and Iran’s ultimatum, it appears that there will not be much forward movement to solve the issues between Iran and the U.S. on the JCPOA. Iran is en route to making its ultimatums come true and by exiting the JCPOA step by step, the grounds for more tension between Iran and the U.S. are made,” he explained.




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