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Iraqi demonstrators condemn Iran’s regime, Hezbollah after a recent assassination

Iraqi demonstrators holding symbolic funeral ceremonies for the body of Husham Al Hashimi, an Iraqi security analyst assassinated recently
Iraqi demonstrators holding symbolic funeral ceremonies for the body of Husham Al Hashimi, an Iraqi security analyst assassinated recently

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, July 8, 2020—Iraqi demonstrators in Baghdad’s iconic Tahrir Square held a symbolic funeral ceremony on Tuesday, July 7, for Iraqi security analyst Husham Al Hashimi who was recently assassinated inside his car outside of his home. The demonstrators were seen chanting, “Hezbollah is the enemy of God” and calling for retaliatory measures against Al Hashimi’s assassins.

The demonstrators in Baghdad were also holding a large image of Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei with line writing, “Khamenei is a murderer and his proxies have no legitimacy.” This rally continued for two hours in areas of Baghdad famous for demonstrators held by protesters that have long been rallying against the Iranian regime’s malign and deadly influence in their country.

Prominent Iraqi security expert Husham Al Hashimi was shot dead on Monday night by gunmen outside his house in Baghdad. Many are blaming proxies linked to the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Quds Force.

Interior Ministry sources told the media that Al Hashimi was taken to hospital where he died shortly after the shooting. A medical source talking to the media said he suffered "bullet wounds in several body parts".

Videos that appeared to depict the attack on Al Hashimi, 47, showed several figures on motorbikes pulling up near his hose and waiting for him to return. A few moments later the car reportedly carrying Al Hashimi pulls into the driveway, a man runs over and opens fire from around a meter away from the vehicle before fleeing on a moped with the other men.

Born in Baghdad in 1973, he was a well-respected security analyst who wrote extensively about ISIS and Al Qaeda, including three books, and advised the current and past governments on terrorism and extremist groups.

He was strongly in favor of the popular protests that erupted across Baghdad and Iraq's Shiite-majority south in October, which slammed the government as corrupt, inefficient and beholden to neighboring Iran.

While more than 500 were killed in mass protests that erupted late last year, high-profile political killings have been rare recently.



Martin Huth, the EU ambassador to Iraq, mourned Al Hashimi’s death. “Together with his family and friends, we mourn the death of Dr Husham Al Hashimi," Mr. Huth said. "The perpetrators of this heinous crime must be brought to justice."

The British ambassador to Iraq, Stephen Hickey, also condemned the killing.

“Devastated and deeply saddened by the news of the killing of Husham Al Hashimi," Mr. Hickey said on Twitter. "Iraq has lost one of its very best – a thoughtful and brave man. These attacks cannot continue. The government, supported by the international community, must hold the perpetrators to account."