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Iran: Intense clashes in Karaj, Eshtehard, people occupying the mullahs’ seminary in Eshtehard

Protests sweep Iran, protesters chant death to Khamenei
Protests sweep Iran, protesters chant death to Khamenei

Iran Uprising - No. 199


Thousands of risen people of Karaj, especially young men and women, demonstrated in the first square of Gohardasht on Friday evening, August 3, with the slogans of death to the dictator; death to Khamenei; our shame is our leader; dignified Iranians, support, support; Iranian dies but does not accept humility; what happened to our money? It is spent on Bassijis (IRGC militias); tank, cannon, firecracker, the mullah must get lost; we will fight, we will die, we will take Iran back! These protests continued until past midnight.

Scores of Revolutionary Guards, anti-riot guards and criminal plainclothes brutally raided the protesters to crush these protests and to prevent their spread and targeted them with exercise bullets that injured one of the young people. Courageous youth confronted the mercenaries by setting fire to a number of their motorcycles.

The demonstrations of the people of Eshtehard also led to a conflict with the Basij and plainclothes murderers and anti-riot guards, After punishing the mercenaries, the young people succeeded after two hours in entering the city’s seminary of ignorance and crimes and destroying its contents.


Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

August 3, 2018


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