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Hezbollah sanctions, another blow to Tehran’s anti-sanctions campaign

Hezbollah, the terrorist arm of the Iranian regime, has been designated as a terrorist organization by Germany
Hezbollah, the terrorist arm of the Iranian regime, has been designated as a terrorist organization by Germany

Analysis by PMOI/MEK

Iran, May 04, 2020—On April 30, the German Interior Ministry officially designated, Lebanese Hezbollah's integrity as a terrorist organization and banned all its activities inside this country. In the early hours of Thursday, the German police raided Hezbollah centers at the same time in several states and inspected the gathering centers of its affiliated forces.

The move by the German government provoked a widespread and unexpected reaction from the leaders of the clerical regime in Iran.

It is no secret that the Hezbollah and its agents in Europe and other places in the world are in the service of the regime's terrorist apparatus. Many terrorist activities of the Iranian regime were carried out by Hezbollah, such as AMIA bombing of 1994 in Argentina or Mykonos restaurant assassinations in Berlin in 1992.

“This means that atmosphere for Iran is becoming more and more limited. However, it was possible that Hezbollah would carry out activities in Germany and Europe that could benefit us, and that is why the United States is closing the doors,” said a regime expert to the state-run Daily Jahan-e Sanat on Saturday, May 2.

“The recent closure of Hezbollah's activities in this country (Germany) can be considered another step to put more pressure on Iran on the eve of the possible lift of the arms embargo on the Islamic Republic,” another regime insider told the daily Aftab-e Yazd on May 2.

The analyst acknowledged that Hezbollah has been instrumental in smuggling weapons and buying banned items for the regime. Therefore, the timing of Germany's move could be effective and decisive as the expiration of the regime's arms embargo approaches and the US government is leading efforts to renew it. In this sense, the anger of the regime's leaders over the German government's move makes more sense.

Sanctions and the designation of Hezbollah, which coincided with the new U.S. Treasury sanctions against a company and a real figure affiliated to the regime, is another sign of the regime’s failure in its campaign to take advantage of the coronavirus outbreak to lift U.S. sanctions. The regime had previously tried to take advantage of political rivalries in the U.S. attract the attention of some media and political circles in the United States and Europe. But its missile and military satellite tests wiped out whatever it had achieved. The U.S. administration refused to lift sanctions and said the regime does not want to help people through coronavirus disaster and spends its cash on expensive projects of the Revolutionary Guards, such as the ballistic missile and satellite project, which have both a military nature and mission.

The regime’s military satellite launch has been a wakeup call that reminded the world that this regime is a global security threat. The event has triggered a campaign to prevent the lifting of the regime's arms embargo next October. This includes a bi-partisan majority of the U.S. House of Representatives which included 382 representatives who called for concerted efforts to prevent the lifting of the arms embargo provisioned in the UN Security Council Resolution 2231.

Now the terrorist designation of the Hezbollah by the German government sends a message to the regime that it should not celebrate the expiration of the arms embargo in October.

The closure of Hezbollah headquarters in Germany is a necessary and, of course, belated and insufficient step to cut off the regime's terrorist arms in Europe. The demand of the Iranian people and their resistance is that all regime centers and missions in Europe, especially regime's embassy in Germany, which is the main center of espionage and terrorist activities, be closed. In this case, the courageous action of the Albanian government can be a good example for all European countries.