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Rouhani’s contradictory comments on coronavirus show his regime’s weakness

Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani has been making a series of contradictory comments about the coronavirus outbreak
Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani has been making a series of contradictory comments about the coronavirus outbreak

Analysis by PMOI/MEK

Iran, April 4, 2020—On Thursday, Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani admitted that Iran’s coronavirus outbreak would likely continue until the end of the Persian calendar year. Ironically, only a day earlier, Rouhani had uttered some despicable lies regarding the national disaster that has so far claimed the lives of more than 16,100 people.

Some of his flagrant lies were as follow:

 “Fortunately, yesterday regarding coronavirus, we had in all provinces declined statistics.”

“Various provinces reached the peak on March 21 and 22.”

“Big industrial countries are facing problems that our nation didn’t, and this is the result of our good management.”

“One of the places where emptiness is beautiful are hospital beds.”

“We have considered spending about $10 billion to resolve problems of those who had employment difficulties.”

In fact, what we can conclude from Rouhani’s remarks is that the dimension of what is happening inside Iran is far worst and terrifying than one can imagine. The regime has no control over the situation and reports that are received from various cities and places in the country confirm this.

What Rouhani means with “empty hospital beds” are cold warehouse filled with army soldiers’ beds. Another reason for “empty beds” is that the hospitals accept one out of every 10 patients because they have no medical cadres, doctors, nurses, medical treatments and effective medicines available. The Ministry of Health does not provide the necessary medicines to doctors and hospitals. Effective medicines are at disposal of the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and those affiliated to the regime or are sold with a very high price in the black market.

Also, talking about “declined statistics” of the coronavirus death toll or the number of COVID-19 cases is another lie Rouhani resorts to in order to cover up the real number of deaths.

Reports received from inside of Iran indicate morgues are filled with bodies of COVID-19 victims. Basij and IRGC members bury the bodies at night without the presence of the victims’ families to avoid drawing attention. But the death toll is so great that the security forces have still not managed to bury all of the bodies.

Rouhani’s claim about spending $10 billion for those whose employment status has been affected by the coronavirus crisis is another lie. The first question is, where will the budget come from? Let’s not forget that this is a budget that is filled with ambiguities, is faced with a 50-percent deficit, and the regime’s own officials are describing it as “imaginary.”

Rouhani’s other claims are just as ridiculous. He tried to justify the fact he didn’t quarantine the cities by saying that no one in the world liked it and there was no quarantine in any country.

He also described his government’s failures as victories and the result of “the cohesion of the people with the system and government and good management.”

This is while many Iranian regime officials clearly acknowledged that the reason for the coronavirus outbreak in the country was the regime’s cover-up and secrecy about the virus.

A group of former managers of the medical schools wrote to Rouhani that the number of casualties per capita in Iran is 15 times higher than in China. “How come you encourage people to stay in their homes but keep the banks and government offices open. What should the merchants do? What should the contract-workers do? How will the people who have no insurance coverage fare? People see the contradictions in remarks made by officials and understand that you do not have a hold on the situation. The number of critical patients and ICU beds and the dying medical staff all indicate that the situation has only worsened since last week According to the reports of the Task Force, 2,000 new cases were added three days ago, 2,500 hundred cases were added yesterday, and 3,000 cases were added today.”

But the question is, why does Rouhani lie on such a huge scale? The reason is that the regime fears a new uprising and its downfall. The people and even regime forces know very well that a crisis of this scale could have been avoided and the mullahs are the real cause of the coronavirus outbreak. All regime factions were complicit in this criminal cover-up. Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei didn’t want the parliamentary elections to be influenced and Rouhani wanted to use the crisis as an opportunity to strengthen his bid for sanctions relief. Rouhani said on Wednesday, “Unfortunately, the Americans have not even learned from these tough times and didn’t understand what to do. It was a good moment. It was the best historical moment for Americans to turn from their wrong path.”

The reality is that it is a very hard time for the Iranian people, and the inhuman regime wants to use the coronavirus outbreak as an instrument to maintain its rule. But the people of Iran want to get rid of the regime. Their desire is peace, freedom, democracy, and welfare. As Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) has said:

“The clerical regime did not face any obstacles or prohibitions in purchasing or importing medicine or medical equipment, but instead of being concerned about people’s lives, they are rather concerned about sanctions imposed on their own money. The spring of Iran’s freedom will be realized by us and by our own hands. It will never come for free. If we want it, we can and must achieve it. This is the test, the duty and the responsibility of each and every one of us.”