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The Iranian regime’s desperate need to lie about the coronavirus outbreak

The Iranian regime's false coronavirus figures have caused distress across the world and within its own ranks
The Iranian regime's false coronavirus figures have caused distress across the world and within its own ranks

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, May 14, 2020—Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani’s daily lying continued throughout the week. On Tuesday, in the presence of a group of regime officials which called themselves academic and theological thinkers, Rouhani insisted on his regime’s success in countering the coronavirus.

Rouhani said: “Up to this point, we can argue that our performance in fight against corona is superior compared to many countries, and many countries praised our performance.”

He also claimed that the Iranian regime is exporting medical supplies and anti-corona equipment to other countries, not even considering that these governments can deny and discredit his claims. The Turkish government has denied Zarif's recent claim to have send coronavirus test kits. Turkish diplomatic sources on Monday refuted a claim by Iran’s foreign minister that his country had sent 40,000 domestically produced coronavirus test kits to Turkey. Previously, the German Foreign Ministry refuted a claim by Iran’s foreign minister that Tehran had sent domestically produced coronavirus test kits to Germany.

But denials by governments is just a smaller part of the scandal. Every day, the regime’s own officials and state media are refuting Rouhani’s claims. And the more deceptive Rouhani’s lies, the stronger the denials become.

In response to Rouhani’s remarks, Health Minister Saeed Namaki said on Tuesday said “Our biggest strategic mistake during this period is to think that the coronavirus outbreak is over. coronavirus can return and spread more dangerously.”

Gholamreza Shariati, the Governor of Khuzestan, said that the number of patients in Khuzestan has increased by 200 percent in the past month and the number of hospitalized patients has increased by 60 percent.

In some cases, regime official even protest Rouhani’s lies.

In an article titled “The government should stop deceiving the people,” Mostafa Eghlima, President of the Scientific Association of Social Aid, wrote in the state-run Jahan-e Sanat:

“Unfortunately, the Coronavirus Task Force committee has abandoned the people in a vortex and is obsessed with the economic cycle. Seventy percent of the people do not trust the news and the statements of officials.”

Eghlima admits that Rouhani's claims are not only shameful among the Iranian people but have become a mystery and "wonder" for the world.

“The official statistics are so unrealistic that the world is amazed about the secrecy of the authorities,” he said.

The question is, why are Rouhani's statements, which, are of course fully approved by his supreme leader Ali Khamenei, are 100 percent the opposite of remarks made by other officials? The answer can be found in the multitude of crises that the regime has brought upon itself.

  1. Economic crisis due to sanctions and zero oil revenue following the fall of its price has forced Khamenei and Rouhani to decide between spending their vast wealth on solving the peoples problems or abandoning them to fare for themselves. Obviously, the regime has opted to send the people back to work and the coronavirus minefields at the cost of high human casualties.
  2. To justify this criminal policy, officials are constantly lying about their regime’s disgraceful performance against coronavirus and try to portray it as the most brilliant achievement in the world.
  3. But the scale of the coronavirus disaster is so enormous that government officials and executives, under heavy pressure from the public, cannot cover it up and admit to it on a daily basis, resulting in controversial remarks across the regime.
  4. The regime’s strategy, which is based on lies, has failed due to daily information published by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), obtained by network inside Iran.

The question is, can Khamenei and Rouhani find a way out of the crises with propaganda and disgraceful policies and strategies, based on lies? Many officials have constantly warned that a “bigger uprising” is on the way and raise the alarm about “people's mistrust”, “increasing gap between government and nation” or “a giant movement, bigger than November 2019.”