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Iran: MP confesses to increasing social hatred of mullahs

Mohammad Reza Sabbaghian, member of Iran’s Majlis (parliament)
Mohammad Reza Sabbaghian, member of Iran’s Majlis (parliament)

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, April 24, 2019A member of Iran’s Majlis (parliament) acknowledged on Monday that people are increasingly frustrated and are literally cursing regime official wherever they appear in public. Describing this phenomenon to other Majlis members during an open-door session, Mohammad Reza Sabbaghian said, “We need a closed-door session to be able to say things we cannot talk about in an open-door session.”

“There are some things that, due to the reactions it could create, cannot be said in public. People are really having problems and wherever they see us, start cursing us and calling us bad names… people are unhappy. They live in poverty while we are paid a few million tomans (referring to the Iranian currency) and we are not happy, let alone the people who get a fraction of this amount!” Sabbaghian added.

Explaining an encounter he had with a woman in a market, he said this woman approached him and said “I have to work 9 hours a day, and sometimes work up to 12 hours per day. But I get no extra pay for the extra hours I work. I’m not insured and there are no contracts, we can be laid off or fired any day. If I work every day of the week, I only get 1.35 million tomans per month (equal to $96.43 per month). I’m a single mother with 4 children and live in 5sq meters house.”

Voicing the concern of the people, Sabbaghian said people who talked to me said we cannot talk in the open and before a camera. If they (referring to the authorities) find out we have complained, we would lose our jobs, Sabbaghian said quoting ordinary people.


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Forty years after Iran’s 1979 revolution, the ruling mullahs have taken the country back to the Middle Ages.  

Iran has large natural resources and the potential to improve the lives of all Iranians. In addition, Iran owns 7% of mines of the world, the largest hydrocarbon sources (Oil and Gas) in the world, 9.3% of the world’s oil and 18% of the world’s gas, and by itself has more natural sources than the entire EU area.

But Iran is ruled by a dictatorship that spends all its wealth in terrorism and suppression. The fact is that Iran's corrupt government has looted Iranian people’s property to extend its rule.

Iran under mullahs ranks 93rd in the world in health care. In welfare, Iranian people are ranked 108 out of 149 countries and the Iranian regime tops the list of countries suffering from state-run money laundering. This is one of the reasons the Iranian regime is ranked 138 in the world in corruption and also among top countries with high inflation rates

Iranian workers’ monthly salary is less than $100, not enough to meet their most basic needs.

Iran is the only country that uses all its renewable water resources and is being pushed toward an irreversible water crisis by the government.

Moreover, Iran has some of the most dangerous roads in the world and is among the top countries in road fatalities.

The mismanagement of Iran's economy has led to mass dissatisfaction and protests. The people of Iran believe they deserve better.

In the past year, Iranian people have taken to the streets to reclaim their country and destiny.












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