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Rouhani: We are going through tough days

Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani
Iranian regime president Hassan Rouhani

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Feb. 20, 2019 - Iranian regime President Hassan Rouhani implicitly admitted to the failure of his "hope-therapy" strategy to neglect the problems of the country. While Rouhani tried hard to deceive the Iranian people and to give false hope to Iran society for a better economy in the near future, he had to confess that the Iranian regime is going through tough days.

Previously, in November 2018, after the U.S. re-imposed sanctions on the regime, Rouhani had claimed that the sanctions have no effect on the regime.

On February 17, 2019, Rouhani attended Hormozgan province’s council meeting and described the ongoing circumstances in Iran as a “war situation,” saying, “We must understand the current tidings in Iran and recognize what the situation is. Some people don’t believe that we are in a war situation. In war, you can be attacked by mortars, artillery firings, bombing and also direct bullets; some get wounded, some get killed, some disappear, but we cannot say that we must give up fighting… This does not mean that our people are not suffering in a war situation. Of course, people have problems, people’s lives are not normal and go through ups and downs. It is true. Yes, we might have problems this year or even the next year.”

Rouhani also described a part of pressure his regime is experiencing, “All superpowers are pressurizing us… you can see that how much trouble we have in delivering cargos in Bandar-e Abbas. Just compare how many ships were berthing in our ports last year and how many are berthing now. We have so many problems due to sanctions. Our days are not easy, we are going through tough days.”

It is worth mentioning that the Iranian Regime has conducted a huge misinformation campaign to decieve the world and the Iranian people that all Iran’s economic problems arise from international sanctions. However, the Iranian people have time and again showed that they are aware of the source of their problems when they chant popular slogans in their daily protests across Iran, “Let go of Syria and think about us,” or when they chant, “Our enemy is right here, they are lying when they say the enemy is the U.S.”



The fact that the Iranian people experience with their flesh and blood every day is that the source of Iran’s problems is the dictatorship that has seized the power and stole the Iranian people’s revolution in 1979 and has dragged Iran from one crisis to another. The mullahs’ regime that its destructive policies, export of terrorism and corruption have made the Iranian people furious crying for regime change, a cause that the Iranian opposition movement NCRI and PMOI/MEK have been pursuing for several decades.



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