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Giulio Terzi, Former Foreign Minister of Italy addressed the Free Iran Rally

Former Italian Prime Minister, Julio Terzi
Former Italian Prime Minister, Julio Terzi

Former Foreign Minister of Italy attended the Free Iran Rally on June 30, 2018 where he addressed a jubilant crowd of tens of thousands of supporters of the Iranian Resistance.


The following is excerpts of his speech

Madam Rajavi, Dear friends; it is a great honor for these Delegation and for me to be here at this magnificent gathering tonight. A gathering which I consider a milestone very close to the achievement of a free Iran. We bring our support to you Madam Rajavi, and to all freedom fighter in Iran in the fight for regime change in Iran. We are here to tell you our profound admiration for the values you are defending not only in the interest of the Iranian people, but in the interest of all humanity. I announce my unconditional support to President elect Rajavi and to PMOI/MEK is even more determined. Now that the desperate and failing to theocracy is trying to a role also Reza Pahlavi Jr. the son of a dictator, the last Shah of Iran. They are trying to role him among the friends of this criminal regime from his golden exile. The son of the last and discredited ruler of Iran speaks against the only and truly democratic resistance which is the PMOI/MEK. Is it a family revenge? Is it anger because of the fight for democracy and freedom that the Mojahedin have always pursued against the dictator first, and the mullah regime after? We refuse to fall in this new trap of the regime. A large part of the Italian society is convinced that being we you means to be on the right side of history. In preparation of this Grand Gathering 38 Italian senators have issued their declaration of support the Iranian people for their uprising, for their resistance against the regime and for their fight for freedom and democracy. And Senator my friend Roberto Rampit will explain what was the initiative of the Italian Senate for the preparation of this gathering. But let me quote just a couple of sentence of that declaration which says it is nearly four decades the regions dictatorship ruling Iran has been denounced for its continuous and gross violation of human rights. More than 120000 Iranian defenders of democracy have been arbitrarily detained tortured and executed. More than 30000 political prisoners were massacred in the summer of 1988 and those perpetrators must be brought to justice. That says this last group of Italian Senators. 

Madam Rajavi has recently said from the outset, the regime has been in war with the people of Iran. All the other wars have been designed to cover up this main conflict. But these wars are no indication of the regime's strength. They are indication that no government has ever attempted to prevent the regime's belligerence. Time for action has come and a new era for regional and global security arises from the shores of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Americans and Europeans need to test their common will and fundamental values to together to prove their commitment no better opportunity exists than an active, strong support to the Iranian Resistance for a regime change in Iran. Thank you.