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Former Iranian official: Evidence of Tehran’s terrorist activities in Europe can't be denied

Ali Majedi, the Iranian regime's former ambassador to Germany
Ali Majedi, the Iranian regime's former ambassador to Germany

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Jan. 2019 - In an interview with state-run ISNA news agency, Ali Majedi, the Iranian regime’s former ambassador to Germany, confessed to the Iranian regime’s terrorist activities in Europe. “To back their claims, the Europeans have produced evidence that we can’t deny. They have witnesses for their claims. There are some who think they can serve their country’s interests through arbitrary acts,” Majedi said.

Majedi’s comments come against the backdrop of a series of measures by European authorities against the Iranian regime’s terrorist activities in their countries.

Recently, the European Union slapped new sanctions and imposed asset freezes on a subset of the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) and two of its staffers because of their involvement in terrorist activities on European soil.  The two persons are deputy minister and director general of intelligence Saeid Hashemi Moghadam and Vienna-based diplomat Assadollah Asadi.

Assadi is a veteran of the Iranian regime's foreign terrorism and the orchestrator of a failed bombing attack against the Iranian opposition’s Free Iran rally in Paris in June 2018. He is currently in the custody of Belgian authorities and being tried for his rold in the attack.

“EU just agreed to enact sanctions against an Iranian Intelligence Service for its assassination plots on European soil. Strong signal from the EU that we will not accept such behaviour in Europe,” Denmark’s Foreign Minister Anders Samuelsen said on his Twitter account when the sanctions were declared.

At the same time, Dutch authorities accused the Iranian regime of carrying out two terror plots in Netherlands in the past three years. Along with France and Denmark, Netherlands is the third EU country to denounce the Iranian regime’s terror activities on their soil.

Albanian officials have also raised alarm over Tehran’s terror activities and recently expelled the Iranian regime’s ambassador and another Iranian diplomat from their country for having plotted terror attacks against members of the PMOI/MEK. In 2016, thousands of members of PMOI/MEK were relocated from Iraq to Albania. Subsequently, the Iranian regime increased its spying efforts in the country and expanded its embassy, dispatching some of its top intelligence agents to carry out plots against the Iranian opposition.

In March 2018, Albanian authorities foiled a terror attack planned against the Persian New Year celebrations by the members of PMOI/MEK in Tirana, Albania.

Also in 2018, U.S. authorities arrested two persons who were involved on spying activities against members and supporters of MEK and NCRI on behalf of Tehran.

The Iranian Resistance has warned time and again against the Iranian regime’s increased terrorist activities and has emphasized that as long as European authorities don’t expel the Iranian regime’s diplomats from their countries, Tehran will continue to undermine the security of their countries and their peoples to carry out its terror plots.