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Farmers of Isfahan protest against water mismanagement policies

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Dec. 24, 2018 - On Sunday, the farmers of Varzaneh, east of Isfahan province, held a demonstration in protest to the regime’s corrupt policies, which has deprived them of the water they need to irrigate their lands.



The farmers were chanting, “Noble farmers, support us” and “Long live farmers, death to tyrants.” The farmers also threatened officials by saying, “If you don’t restore our right to water, we’re ready for martyrdom.”

In the past years, the Iranian regime has engaged in a number of projects and policies that have diminished the water sources of Isfahan, where agriculture continues to remain one of the main sources of income and work for its citizens.


Demonstrations by farmers of Isfahan

Demonstrations by farmers of Isfahan


The excessive creation of dams and water channels mostly orchestrated and managed by the Revolutionary Guards to fulfill the needs of its own profitable projects has diminished the access of Isfahan’s farmers to water.

The farmers, whose livelihoods are being threatened by the destructive policies of the regime, have been constantly protesting for their rights. But the regime has failed to respond to their most basic needs. Instead, the regime’s security forces regularly crack down on the farmers and respond to their demands with violence, arrests, and threats.


Protesting farmers holding banners that read: What happened to our right to water

Protesting farmers holding banners that read: What happened to our right to water


Earlier this year, the farmers held protests and demonstrations for two consecutive months. More recently, the farmers, who have been fed up of the government’s non-responsiveness to their demands, proceeded with rupturing a pipeline that pumped the province’s waters to neighboring Yazd, where the IRGC runs several ceramic factories.

On Sunday, the farmers were chanting, “We will stand, we will die, we will take back our rights! Hail the farmers, death to traitors!”