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Ending oil waivers adds new internal crisis for Iran regime

Iran: mullahs’ supreme leader addressing a group of workers
Iran: mullahs’ supreme leader addressing a group of workers

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Iran, April 27, 2018After days of silence, the mullahs’ supreme leader Ali Khamenei finally spoke and responded to the US administration’s decision to end all Iran oil sanctions waivers. Khamenei attempted to save face in order to salvage his terrified and hopeless allies following Washington’s recent announcement, claiming his regime would export as much oil as it needs.

“What they are trying to do for the issue of oil will not get them anywhere. We can export our oil as much as we need, as much as is necessary, as much as we decide ourselves. Now, they think that they can prevent us,” Khamenei said on Wednesday during a meeting with a group of government employees.

Khamenei then resorted to his empty bullying against the US.

“They are resorting to their usual enmity. They must know that this hostility will not go unanswered. They will see the answer to their animosity,” he threatened.

The mullahs’ leader went on to again ridiculously claim the sanctions are in his advantage and “prepare the ground for growth and prosperity.”

“Despite becoming problematic in some areas, if we deal with sanctions with a correct logic, they would become an advantage for us, because sanctions would make us rely on our own ability, capacity, and internal initiatives,” Khamenei claimed.

In order to cover up his regime’s economic dead ends following the lifting of oil import waivers, Khamenei returned to the so-called “Resistive economy” slogan and repeated his old general nonsense talks.

“If we can revive the resistive economy, decisions by American and Israeli officials regarding our oil sale and other economic issues would be fruitless,” Khamenei claimed.
While the entire apparatus under Khamenei’s authority, including the terrorist-designated Islamic Revolutionary Guard (IRGC), and the regular army facing people’s anger and hatred due to their inaction and not providing relief for the flood-stricken people, Khamenei tried to highjack all the public-provided aid and relief in his regime’s name.

“During these floods and the resulting natural disaster, despite the lack of any pre-suggestions and invitations, people rushed to the aid of the flood-hit areas. The youth from across the country came and showed their solidarity and sympathy in a national effort to help others, and this shows a bright future for the country,” the regime leader said.

He also expressed fear and concern about the explosive conditions of Iran’s working class.

“The enemy has relied on all measures available to create chaos, including on the issue of labor and workers. Even more than any other sectors,” Khamenei said with concern.

The mullahs’ supreme leader tried to pose as an opponent of corruption in the regime at a time when, according to Al-Arabiya quoting the US embassy in Baghdad, Khamenei has a personal wealth of over $200 billion. All the while, millions of people in the flood-hit areas are living in atrocious circumstances with all their livelihood washed out by the floods.

“There are some people who are after their own profits. I said at the beginning of the year, some are trying to buy an active factory at an unthinkable price. Then they destroy the factory and sell out all its machinery, putting the workers out of jobs. Then they build a high rise on that land. We must stop them from doing that. These are part of the government’s duties, not only the executive branch but the judiciary and legislative branches as well,” the clerical regime’s leader claimed.   










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