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Beware, Iranian mullahs! There’s a storm coming!

There’s a storm coming!
There’s a storm coming!

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Jan. 4, 2019 - This year like every year on December 30, the ruling mullahs in Tehran set up street demonstrations and theaters to celebrate the fact that their regime wasn’t toppled during the 2009 popular protests and to pump up their disillusioned and depressed base of supporters.

But this year, the celebration and joy of the speakers for not losing their rule back in 2009 didn’t last long and quickly turned into anxiety and fear about the future.

A great number of personalities among the different ruling factions in Iran expressed their horror and concern about the immediate fate of the Islamic Republic, considering the level of discontent among Iranians, the economic misery that ordinary Iranians are going through, and a continuous stream of protests over the past twelve months.

Jahanbackhsh Mohebinia, an Iranian MP, said in his address to the parliament on December 30: “Brothers, sisters, scholars, university professors, government elites, judiciary, don’t paint the year eventful. This year [2018/2019] hasn’t come to an end yet and we already say that 2019/2020 there will be a catastrophe.”

Attaching the people’s uprising to foreign enemies will put one in a vulnerable position, since it’s just untrue, and force him to talk an incomprehensible soup of words.

 Case in point is Ahmad Alamolhoda, Mashhad’s Friday prayer leader, who acknowledged that the people’s discontent has roots in economic misery and cultural suppression.

“The roots of revolt may be in cultural movements or economic movements. But the root of the revolt is inside the society and the source of the revolt is the enemy. The enemy either incites the revolt from the outside and sends its fire into the society and explodes the society with revolt or creates the revolt in the society itself in the first place and it spreads in the society and becomes epidemic,” said Alamolhoda on December 30.

So, it seems that the economic situation in Iran is so miserable that even Alamolhoda, who is a pathological liar, has to admit it while still trying to somehow drag foreign enemies into the equation.

While remembering the 2009 uprising, Alamolhoda couldn’t conceal his fear of the coming uprising and said: “This story isn’t the story of 2009. This story is much stronger and is the story of us now.”

Alamolhoda bluntly said that the protesters “want to topple the Velayat-e faqih”—that’s Khomeini’s theory of the rule of clerics chosen by God over the country and its people and the main ideological pillar of the current theocracy ruling Iran—and expressed his fear of the continuous protests saying: “The Supreme Leader recently stated that the enemy is paving the way in 2017/2018 and wants to see its results in the 2019/2020 revolt. When ten years have passed since the 2009 revolt, the enemy wants to enter an arena where they exactly repeat the 2009 revolt in 2019/2020.”

Gholam Ali Jafarzadeh, another Iranian MP, warned about the spread of poor people’s uprising and inciting the middle class and said: “When they are seen as a group of wronged and oppressed people, other parts of the society can identify with them and provide them with opportunities to further spread.”

Mohammadreza Tajik, close to the so-called moderate faction, described the Iranian society’s nature as explosive and said: “The picture I have from today’s Iranian society is sort of a dislocation. Sort of a disease. A disease where different illnesses have accumulated.”

“The remedy that the policymakers are prescribing isn’t the cure… From the signs, they don’t understand that an event is coming. From the signs they don’t understand that a phenomenon is coming,” Tajik further said, pointing at an inevitably looming explosive event.

Ali Khamenei himself, the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader, recently said: “Be aware! The enemy has plans for 2019/2020.”

Even Hassan Khomeini, the late Khomeini’s grandson and one of the prominent figures of Hassan Rouhani’s faction, recently said: “You should fear the day when the status quo collapses and roles change.”

NCRI President-elect Mrs. Maryam Rajavi famously predicted the final outcome of the Iranian regime in her 2016 speech to the annual gathering of the Iranian resistance and said: “Our response to the clerical regime’s Supreme Leader is that, yes, divine verdict will certainly be carried out and that verdict is the overthrow of the velayat-e faqih regime. You can count on it!”

These days, this very prediction is expressed by an increasing number of Iranian politicians.

Just a few days ago, Faezeh Hashemi, the daughter of former Iranian president Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, gloomily said: “I think that a principal collapse has already happened and only a physical and formal collapse hasn’t happened yet. Chances are high that this happens.”

So, for the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, Quds force, ruling ayatollahs, and fake moderates, there’s no doubt that a storm is coming.