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UPDATE: Iran, Workers of Ahvaz steel company protest for 15th day

15th day of protests by workers of Ahvaz Steel Company
15th day of protests by workers of Ahvaz Steel Company

Report by PMOI/MEK


Iran, November 24, 2018[Updated at 1800 CET] On Saturday, the workers of Iran National Steel Industrial Group in Ahvaz gathered for the 15th day of their strikes and protest, demanding their unpaid salaries.

The workers began their demonstration in front of the Khuzestan governorate and marched toward Pol-e Sefid.

The workers were chanting, “Shame on a government that deceives the people.” During their march, the protesters stopped in front of the Bank-e Meli (National Bank) for another round of slogans and speeches, in which they addressing the government, saying, “Congratulations on your bondage with the mafia,” a reference to the widespread government corruption that is taking its toll on the livelihoods of the workers and their families.

“We are the workers of Ahvaz steel. We will fight against tyranny,” the workers were chanting.

The protests of Ahvaz steelworkers is happening in tandem with other popular protests by the workers of Haft Tapeh sugar factory, also in Khuzestan province. The two communities have grown very supportive of each other and have also earned the support of other communities across Iran, especially other workers who have also had first-hand experience of the corrupt practices of the Iranian regime.

In previous days, regime officials tried to assuage the workers of Ahvaz Steel through negotiations and promises. But the workers of Ahvaz, who have been run in circles by regime officials for months have made it clear that they will only stop their protests until they see concrete actions toward meeting their demands.

Government corruption has become an increasing focus of protests since last year, when nationwide uprisings erupted in December. The many social classes of Iran are suffering from the results of mismanagement from the government and the Iranian regime’s overspending on expenditures such as the war in Syrian and proxy terrorist groups in Iraq, Yemen, and Lebanon.

Protests over economic grievances quickly turned into anti-government protests that called for the overthrow of the regime in its entirety. After decades of witnessing and experiencing the corruption and the repression of the regime, the Iranian people have no doubt that there will be no solution from within the regime’s own ranks, and only regime change will solve their problems.


Update at 12:00 pm local time: Security forces attacked the protesters tried to disrupt the demonstration of the workers of Ahvaz Steel company as their march reached the Amir Al-momenin University. But the protesters confronted the Iranian regime’s suppressive forces by chanting, “We will not give in to disgrace.”



Addressing the security forces, one of the protesters shouted, “If you want to show force, show it to the people who have brought us workers to this misery. We are only here to defend our most basic rights.” 



As the security forces encircled the protesters, the workers of Ahvaz chanted, “If our problems are not solved, Ahvaz will revolt.”