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Round up of Friday's protests across Iran

Iran, protesters stand their ground and clash with the repressive security forces
Iran, protesters stand their ground and clash with the repressive security forces

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


August 4, 2018 - A large number of cities across Iran witnessed increasing protests on Friday, including Tehran, Karaj, Eshtehard, Isfahan, Ghahderijan, Andimeshk, Mashhad, Shiraz, Hamedan, Kermanshah and other as people took to the streets yet again on this fourth consecutive day, expressing their anger and abhorrence of the ruling mullahs’ regime.

These protests, beginning with the sunset, continued into the late hours of the night and led to intense clashes and skirmishes between protesters and the regime’s security forces.

Hundreds of brave protesters in Karaj, west of Tehran, took control of the Karaj Intersection and chanted:

“Mullahs must get lost”

“People are begging while mullahs live like gods”

The regime’s repressive forces had closed all entrances into Gohardasht of Karaj and stationed forces on rooftops to target the protesters with a variety of ammunition.

Angry youths began confronting the security units, forcing them to retreat in numerous streets. As the forces fled many police motorcycles left behind were set ablaze by the protesters. One member of the regime’s plainclothes agents and several others were apprehended and severely beaten by the protesters.

Vehicles in the city were heard honking their horns in support of the courageous youths. Authorities desperately called for reinforcements from other cities.

Youths in Ghahderijan were seen setting up barriers in various cities and confronted the security units’ attacks, taking control of numerous streets. Members of the regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Basij units and anti-riot police were seen opening fire on protesters, leaving a number wounded.

In Isfahan, protesters of the New Shahpur district continued their protests and rose to challenge the anti-riot units.

In Tehran, soccer fans leaving a stadium began chanting “Death to the dictator,” referring to Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

In Mashhad the youth were seen chanting:

“Death to the dictator”

“No fear, we’re all together”

Demonstrations continued in the city’s famous Mellat Park. A number of people suffered major breathing difficulties as security forces continuously fired tear gas into the crowds.

The people of Hamedan in western Iran were also seen chanting:

“Death to the dictator”

“Death to members of the IRGC Basij”

Protesters in Kermanshah were chanting:

“Mullahs must get lost”

On Saturday, the Iranian regime’s IRGC-affiliated Fars news agency cited the mullah in charge of a regime center in Eshtehard of Karaj saying: “At 9 pm, rioters moved towards the Eshtehard religious school… the rioters targeted the religious school with bricks and stones… when the rioters gathered outside the religious school before evening prayers they numbered at around 500, chanting [anti-regime] slogans.”

“A number of these individuals have been arrested and search for others continues,” he added.

Signs indicate protests will continue Saturday and the regime’s forces are on high alert.


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