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Roger Godsiff, UK parliament MP at the Free Iran Rally in Paris

British Delegation to the Free Iran Rally
British Delegation to the Free Iran Rally

UK member of Parliament, Roger Godsiff speaks at Free Iran Rally-June 2018


Friends, it's an honor to be with you today at this critical juncture in Iran's history. I'm a Labor Member of Parliament in the House of Commons and I join my colleagues from all the other parties in parliament represented here today to stand in solidarity with you and the free people of Iran who have risen up against the Ayatollahs and their murderous authoritarian regime. My friends the time for a change of policy towards Iran is long overdue. United Kingdom and our colleagues in the European Union should join with the United States in recognizing democratic aspirations of the people of Iran and the desire and the desire for freedom and democracy. European leaders must now recognize the mullahs' regime for what it is. it's a terrorist regime which exports terrorism through Hezbollah. My friends, it can never be a partner for peace in the Middle East. United Kingdom and the EU must recognize the NCRI and Madam Rajavi's 10 point plan for the future of Iran. And it must also initiate a process of accountability at the UN to hold the regime and its leaders to account for decades of human rights abuses and for the massacring of thousands of political prisoners. My friends long live a free and democratic Iran.


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