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IRGC threatens families of Dec 2017 martyrs

Graves of protesters killed by Iranian security forces in Dec 2017 uprisings
Graves of protesters killed by Iranian security forces in Dec 2017 uprisings

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Dec. 29,2018 - On the first anniversary of the uprising of December 28, 2017, in which 142 cities rose against the dictatorship in Iran, the Intelligence Organization of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) took suppressive measures against the family members of martyrs who were killed by the regime during past uprisings.

By taking these measures, the regime is trying to silence the society and prevent any new protests and uprisings from happening.


Threatening the martyrs’ family members of December 2017 in the city of Dorud

According to reports, the IRGC’s Intelligence Organization in the city of Dorud, located in Lorestan province southwest Iran, summoned the martyrs’ family members of December 2017 uprising. The Guards threatened the families not to communicate or interview with any domestic or foreign media about the fate of their loved ones. They also prevented the families from holding any public ceremony for the martyrs. The families were instructed obtain permission from IRGC in advance and hold their ceremony privately and in presence of IRGC agents.


The regime prevents a family from holding a ceremony for a martyr

The regime prevented the family members of Abbas (Shahram) Farajzadeh Tarani, a martyr of the 2009 protests, from holding a ceremony in his memory. Abbas Farajzadeh was killed in the uprising of December 2009. The martyr’s sister reported, “Regrettably, agents of Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) called me and canceled the late Shahram Farajzaeh’s ceremony and emphasized that they would cause legal problems for us and for our guests if we did not cancel the ceremony.”


Disrupting the ceremony of martyrs in the city of Tuyserkan

In the city of Tuyserkan, located in Hamadan province, the family members of Hossein Reza Gholkhanbaz, who was martyred during the uprising of December 2017, held a ceremony in his memory. But the IRGC agents stormed their house and disrupted the ceremony. Security forces also arrested some of the relatives of the martyr.

Holding a ceremony under high-security measures

Back in Dorud, the relatives of December 2017 martyr Hamze Lashni held a ceremony in his memory in the cemetery and at his house. The ceremonies both were under high-security measures taken by the security and intelligence agents. The agents prevented the people and especially youth from joining the ceremony.