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IRGC missiles heading for Syria hit inside Iran

The IRGC claimed missiles launched towards Syria
The IRGC claimed missiles launched towards Syria

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, Oct. 1, 2018 - News outlets are reporting the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) claiming targets east of the Euphrates River in Syria were attacked with several surface-to-surface, medium-range ballistic missiles, resulting in many “militants” killed.

The IRGC issued a statement Monday morning without specifying exactly which militant group was targeted or providing any details about the number of people killed or wounded.

The IRGC Public Relations Office issued a statement in a show of strength, claiming a number of “commanders and important operatives” involved in the September 22nd attack in Ahvaz, southwest Iran, were killed and wounded as a result of this missile attack.

“The group’s infrastructure and weapons/arms caches were destroyed in this attack,” the IRGC statement claims. Six ballistic missiles were launched from bases of the IRGC Aerospace Force in western Iran targeting sites located at a distance of 570 kilometers.

The IRGC statement claims seven armed drones of the IRGC Aerospace Force also bombed the group’s positions and logistical sites.

“IRGC aerospace units launched a number of surface-to-surface ballistic missiles targeting a base of terrorists in Syria (east of the Euphrates River). The missiles launched included Zolfaqar (with a range of 750 kilometers) and Qiam (with a range of 800 kilometers),” according to the IRGC-affiliated Fars news agency. The Al Bukamal region of Deir Ez Zur Province in eastern Syria was targeted.

Videos posted on social media, including YouTube and Twitter, show the missiles being launched from the Kermanshah region in western Iran. One particular video shows a missile landing near the launch site.




Interesting how coinciding with the IRGC’s claim of launching missiles from Kermanshah headed for eastern Syria, the Iranian regime’s state-run ILNA news agency reported a 4.5-magnitude earthquake shook the village of Tazeh Abad in Kermanshah Province.



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