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Iraq: Protesters obtain ID of Iranian regime operative firing at civilians

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iraq, October 7, 2019—As protests continue across the country of Iraq, Iraqi youths obtained a passport from the security forces seen opening fire on the demonstrators in Baghdad’s Tahrir Square. This passport of an Iranian man sheds more light on the Iranian regime’s involvement in the violent crackdown of Iraqi demonstrators.



In the city of Najaf, an important religious city where the Iranian regime claims to enjoy vast influence and support amongst the Iraqi people, angry locals clashed with oppressive forces associated to Tehran’s mullahs, forcing them to flee.

The Associated Press reported on Sunday citing the Iraqi Interior Ministry spokesperson saying 104 individuals, including eight members of the Iraqi security forces, have been killed during six days of anti-government demonstrations in Baghdad and cities checkered across southern Iraq.

This unrest has also left 6,107 individuals injured, including 1,200 members of the security forces, according to the Iraqi Interior Ministry spokesperson.

A Reuters report on Monday indicates 15 people were killed in clashes between protesters and Iraqi security forces overnight in the eastern areas of Baghdad.

The number of people killed in five days of clashes between Iraqi police and the protesters reached over 100 on Sunday, according to Reuters. Citing Iraqi security forces and local doctors, Reuters also reported new clashes on Sunday between the protesters and Iraqi security forces resulting in 15 deaths and 25 people injured. These clashes in Sadr City, a residential area located in the northeastern section of Baghdad, is spreading to other parts of the Iraqi capital.


A scene from the Iraqi people’s demonstration against the Iranian regime’s operatives in their country

A scene from the Iraqi people’s demonstration against the Iranian regime’s operatives in their country

On Saturday, two members of the Iraqi Parliament by the names of Ahmed al-Jabouri and Faeq al-Sheikh Ali accused Qassem Soleimani, head of the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) Quds Force, of murdering Iraqi demonstrators during the recent protests spreading across central and southern Iraq.



According to Al Arabiya, Iraqi MP Ahmed al-Jabouri said that based on information available to him, Soleimani, with the support of one of his operatives by the name of ‘Haj Hamed,’ has launched a war room in Baghdad aiming to assassinate activists and leaders of this movement. He has dispatched a group of snipers, led by Haj Hamed, to command and control various operations aimed at murdering demonstrators and peaceful protesters.

“A large number of demonstrators headed towards Baghdad’s Tahrir Square, Andalos Square and the Iraqi Airlines building on Saturday afternoon,” al-Jabouri said.

“The Iranian regime is murdering us… this is no longer a secret. The Friday prayer imam of Tehran specifically said, ‘The protesting Iraqi demonstrators are American operatives. Murder them!’” said Iraqi MP Faeq al-Sheikh Ali. “Those murdering the Iraqis are snipers mercenaries and the true enemies of the Iraqi nations who are targeting the demonstrators.”






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