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Iran’s regime losing hope in Europe, concerned over Warsaw conference

The European Union is distancing from Iran’s regime
The European Union is distancing from Iran’s regime

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Jan. 17, 2019 - Warsaw will be hosting an international conference in the middle of February and the Iranian regime is already expressing deep concerns in this regard.

The state-run “Iranian Diplomacy” website writes about a wave of different blows inflicted upon Tehran’s mullahs, especially their policy of warmongering and terrorism across the region.

“The expulsion of Iranian diplomats from Tirana (capital of Albania); the anti-[Iranian regime] conference in Warsaw scheduled for February 13-14 parallel to the recent Iranophobia in Denmark and the Netherlands; Vienna refusing to host the ‘special purpose vehicle’ office, the recent sanctions imposed by the Green Continent against Iran; and the European Union’s simultaneous efforts to pursue activities aimed at launching the SPV, all render complicated circumstances and even contradicting behavior by the Europeans vis-à-vis Iran.”

Jahan-e Sanat, another state-run newspaper in Iran, also wrote about increasing worries among the Iranian regime over the upcoming Warsaw Conference.

“The Warsaw meeting should be considered Washington’s necessity to take advantage of existing rifts in Europe and push the Iran dossier into the international stage. By doing so, Washington seeks to further deepen the divides in the European Union. Washington’s ultimate objective in these efforts is to create obstacles for Europe in pursing the SPV initiative,” the daily wrote.

It is interesting to know that the SPV – until now considered means to pursue the regime’s “hope therapy” – has become a subject of further disputes and disappointment inside the Iranian regime.

Mojtaba Zolnour, head of Nuclear Commission in the Iranian regime’s Majlis (parliament), voiced utter disappoint over the fact that the mullahs’ regime is desperately in need of Europe’s support.

“The EU and U.S. are two sides of the same coin. For now, the Islamic republic believes in continuing talks with the Europeans and maybe there will be some progress in regards to launching the SPV,” he said according to the state-run Resalat daily.

These remarks further prove how utterly desperate the Iranian regime has become.

Former Iranian regime foreign minister Kamal Kharrazi, now head of the so-called “Strategic Foreign Relations Council,” is yet another senior regime insider becoming deeply worried.

“The U.S. has taken Poland’s national interest hostage… the [Iranian regime] expected the European Union, as a party to the nuclear deal, to take practical measures. However, to this day they have failed to do so under U.S. pressure,” he explained.

Keyhan daily, known as the mouthpiece of Iranian regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, added its weight behind the escalating concerns.

“Criticizing the process witnessed so far in regards to Europe’s SPV, chair of the Tehran Chamber Investment Commission said the SPV means nothing (!) No country in the European Union has accepted to host the SPV and they don’t know how and with what mechanism it should be implemented.”

The reality the Iranian regime is having difficulty accepting is the fact that the era of appeasement has ended. For nearly 30 years, following the first Gulf War in 1991, Tehran’s mullahs have pursued their domestic crackdown and warmongering abroad without ever being held rightfully accountable by the international community.

Iranian opposition President Maryam Rajavi underscored “the fact that gaining access to weapons of mass destruction, violations of human rights, export of fundamentalism, and terrorism are the four pillars holding up the theocratic regime ruling Iran.”





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