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Iran: Education workers protesting in two major cities

Education workers protesting in Isfahan, central Iran – October 3, 2019
Education workers protesting in Isfahan, central Iran – October 3, 2019

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, October 4, 2019—A group of education workers in the city of Isfahan, central Iran, held a gathering outside the Education Department on Thursday, protesting not receiving any answers to their demands. The participants in this gathering were holding signs reading:

  • “End the warmongering, start thinking about us,” in a reference to the Iranian people’s opposition to the regime’s meddling in other countries, such as Syria, and supporting terror groups abroad.
  • “Teachers rather die than live in shame”
  • “Justice, justice, this is the people’s call”
  • “We will not rest until our demands are met”


Education workers held a similar protest gathering in Tabriz, a city in northwest Iran, outside the regime’s Education Department in response to a call for such a gathering,

Concerned over the possible expansion of such protests, regime officials and authorities dispatched state security forces to the scene to prevent the protesting teachers and education workers from continuing their rally.

State security forces stationed at the site where teachers held a protest gathering in Tabriz, northwest Iran – October 3, 2019

State security forces stationed at the site where teachers held a protest gathering in Tabriz, northwest Iran – October 3, 2019


In the city of Mahshahr, southwest Iran, employees of the Farabi petrochemical site were continuing their strike on Thursday. Starting on Monday, these protesting employees have been criticizing the company’s poor employment policies, cutting off the workers’ recreational services, lack of job security and company officials providing nothing but hollow promises while stealing the workers’ money. These protesting workers have been continuing their gatherings outside the company’s central building for the past few days.


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Since Thursday, May 10, many cities across have seen protests by teachers and other education workers. The protesters demand the Iranian regime to respect the most basic rights of teachers, students and the people of Iran.

Already, in less than two days, the protests spread to more than 30 cities. Teachers have long been protesting over the government’s mismanagement causing unemployment, unpaid wages, and inflation. However, this new wave of teachers’ protests is the largest one of its kind Iran has seen in the past year. The protests are taking place despite the regime’s crackdown on demonstrations and assemblies across the country. The teachers of Iran, who will be training and educating the future generations of Iran, are teaching their students a different lesson, and their classroom is the streets.

Iranian teachers in all major cities and provinces joined the protests, including Tehran, Isfahan, Kermanshah, Kurdistan, Khorasan, Azerbaijan, Gilan, and others. In Tehran, the teachers gathered in front of the parliament and the premises of the regime’s Planning and Budget Organization.

What made this significant is that these protests are taking place against the backdrop of protests and demonstrations taking place across Iran, including the merchants and shop owner in the country’s western provinces, farmers in Isfahan, and the clients of government-backed financial institutions across the country.

As with all protests taking place across Iran, the regime responded by force. In Tehran, the regime’s security forces cracked down on the teachers’ gathering, arresting dozens and injuring many others. But the teachers resisted and continued their protests. Security forces confiscated mobile phones and other communication devices to prevent teachers from spreading the news of their protests. In Bojnourd, security forces surrounded the protesting teachers to prevent others from taking pictures.


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