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Report: Children being sold in Iran

Children working in the streets in Iran while they should be in school-(File photo)
Children working in the streets in Iran while they should be in school-(File photo)

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, October 28, 2019—The mullahs’ regime in Iran is known to care less about the Iranian people’s problems and needs. In fact, the mullahs are nothing but an occupying force taking advantage of the Iranian people, the country’s economy, culture, educational system, civilization, history and geography.

This regime also denies all social crises and associates such issues with foreign elements, or places the blame on the Iranian people themselves.

On July 1, 2017, the Fars news agency, known to be directly affiliated to the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC), published a report titled, “Children facing the threat of being leased or having their body parts smuggled / Children being butchered in the shadows of weak laws.”

The piece specifically cites Fatemeh Daneshvar, a member of the Tehran city council saying, “In many cases children simply disappear and their body parts are smuggled. Sometime later, their dead bodies turn up in deserted areas without kidneys and eyes.”



This regime official continues with more shocking remarks. “Time and again we had warned about the phenomenon of children being sold. In dangerous neighborhoods such as Herandi, children simply get lost and their parents do not even file complaints. These individuals have special life styles and their parents literally care less about them as many of them are suffering from drug addiction,” she said.

Daneshvar’s remarks shed light on more atrocious aspects of this crisis. “Families are seen leasing their children for work and they may not see their children for weeks. They don’t get worried and believe that they will eventually return. In this area it is very often seen that children are sold off,” this Tehran city council member added.



Her remarks, however, continued in interesting manner, aiming to blame the children and their families for the entire phenomenon of this network smuggling children’s body parts.

“Parents should be very careful about their children and must immediately file reports if their children go missing… In many cases it is witnessed that these parents lack even the slightest sense of responsibility towards their children,” she added.

The publication of these report in state-run media launched growing dissent amongst Iranian youth and people from all walks of life, expressing their anger in protests in social media. The situation reached a point where regime officials were forced to begin denying any such issues in order to prevent further protests and future consequences.

In a matter of hours, the Tasnim news agency, affiliated to the IRGC Quds Force, ran a report citing an “informed source” inside the regime’s own police saying, “These claims about children being found without kidneys and eyes in the outskirts of Tehran are completely false… Such lies endanger the society’s psychological security and the capital police has never had any files of children’s bodies being found in such circumstances.” This clearly indicates how the mullahs’ regime is utterly terrified of such reports in its own media evolving into protests targeting the regime’s ruling apparatus.

Despite the rushed publication of a denial in the Tasnim news agency, a state-run website focusing on events inside the regime’s Majlis (parliament) published a piece titled, “The necessity to seriously confront networks smuggling children.”

The piece refers to remarks made by a Majlis member acknowledging the fact there are “children working the streets.”



“Considering the methods now being used by municipality contractors, there must be a supervising entity and networks linked to children seen gathering trash should be held accountable in order to decrease such a dilemma,” the October 23 piece reads.

Articles and reports about “labor children” as a social crisis have been on the rise in recent years for the Iranian regime. This is especially true in regard to children seen searching in the trash for hours and regime insiders profiting enormously from this trend.



Considering the fact that all these factions and networks are linked directly to the regime’s ruling elite, there are no actions witnessed to confront such grave social issues. When these factions and networks are merely seeking further profits, they actually establish new inhumane methods to obtain that escalate in their profits.

As a result, one can conclude that the very party behind the suffering of children in Iran is none other than the mullahs’ regime and their elements across the country. As long as this regime is in power, the Iranian people, especially their children, will continue suffering under their greedy rule.



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