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Iranian officials fearfully anticipate further protests

Iran regime is incapable of controlling the escalating nationwide unrest
Iran regime is incapable of controlling the escalating nationwide unrest

Analysis by PMOI/MEK 


Iran, Aug. 24, 2018 - The Iranian regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei claims that the country is not faced with a dead end and its president Hassan Rouhani tries to convince others that the country has nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, Iran’s economic conditions continue to deteriorate every day and prices continue to soar, driving the Iranian society toward an explosion. Media outlets with ties to both factions of the Iranian regime are mocking Khamenei and Rouhani’s claims and warn against what is to come.

“The decrease of the people’s economic power is an important and dangerous issue and we must counter it,” the state-run Jahan-e Sanat newspaper, linked to the Rouhani faction, warns.

Pointing to the destruction of Iran’s middle class, Jahan-e Sanat further warns, “As the middle class diminishes and its members trickle to the lower classes, we should anticipate further protests.” Jahan-e Sanat concludes that the government no longer has the power and capacity to face the challenges it faces.

Amanollah Qaraee, a government official, points to another facet of this escalating crisis, which is the people’s large mistrust toward the regime. “In such a society, we’re moving toward implosion,” he said.

Ebtekar, another state-run newspaper, explained what “implosion” means, by writing, “If the people feel that the ruling power is hindering their lives, they will break it.”

These comments from different government outlets and officials fully show that the situation is spinning out of the government’s control and that the Iranian regime is moving toward a dead end. Meanwhile, the regime’s different factions are blaming each other for the country’s economic woes to try to control the escalating situation.

Eshaq Jahangiri, Rouhani’s Vice President, confessed to the economic corruption that is engulfing the entire regime while adding, “Corruption has unfortunately expanded and reached some of the highest authorities of the country. They didn’t prevent it when they could.” His remarks, published in Tasnim, were aimed at officials with ties to Khamenei’s faction.

In response, Keyhan, the mouthpiece of Khamenei, accused Jahangiri of being responsible for the corruption, inflation and currency crisis that has become problematic in the recent year.

The infighting between regime officials and factions is effectively fueling the protests in the country and the regime is finding it more difficult to get a hold of the situation.

The truth is that the regime in its entirety is responsible for the corruption that has stalled the country’s industries and is leading Iran toward economic bankruptcy. The only outcome of the regime’s efforts have been high prices, lower incomes, and higher unemployment rates.

But the Iranian regime’s real dead-end is its incapacity to control the escalating nationwide protests that are happening in every city and town of Iran. The regime’s own officials are warning that their ship is slowly sinking and none of them can do anything about it.