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Iran: People from different walks of life holding protests for legitimate demands

CF patients rally in Mashhad outside the Akbar Hospital protesting the high cost of medicine that all patients need—August 12, 2020
CF patients rally in Mashhad outside the Akbar Hospital protesting the high cost of medicine that all patients need—August 12, 2020

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, August 12, 2020—A group of CF (cystic fibrosis) patients in Mashhad, northeastern Iran, gathered in front of Akbar Hospital on Wednesday, August 12, protesting the high cost of medicine.

In addition to the staggering costs of treatment, CF patients are facing the problem of obtaining the required and effective medicine these days, and they want the Ministry of Health to take action to resolve this issue.

Families of CF patients are struggling with various dilemmas with their children's health, the skyrocketing prices of medicine and the lack of the main medicine that is needed.

Meanwhile, the mullahs’ regime has already sent 95 tons of medicine free of charge to Hezbollah in Lebanon during the past week.


Industrial workers rally in front of Khuzestan’s Labor Office

A group of retired Mian Ab Agro-Industrial workers in Khuzestan province, southwest Iran,  held a protest rally in front of the Shush Labor and Cooperative Office on Wednesday, August 12, protesting delayed paychecks and pensions.

In this gathering they demanded the special bonus they were promised for their years of dedicated work.

This protest is happening against the backdrop of ongoing strikes by the workers of Haft Tappeh Sugar Cane company.


Tehran bus drivers hold protest rally


On Tuesday, August 11, a group of bus drivers of a private company in Tehran gathered on a street in a northeast area of the Iranian capital protesting a four-month delay in their paychecks.



On Monday, August 10, bus drivers in the city of Urmia, northwest Iran, went on strike protesting low incomes and livelihood problems.

“Hello, today is August 10, in Urmia, as you can see, bus drivers went on strike due to low incomes and low bus fares.”

Protesting HEPCO workers threatened with arrest

On Tuesday, August 11, the protesting workers of HEPCO in the city of Arak, central Iran, were not allowed to leave the factory to hold a gathering and were threatened with arrest.

According to the workers, the governor of Markazi (Central) province has promised to pay the workers this week. However, he has provided many hollow promises in the past.



The Heavy Equipment Production Company (HEPCO) used to be one of the first and biggest manufacturers of construction in Iran and the Middle East. Like many other vital resources of Iran, HEPCO has become subject to the plundering and mismanagement that characterizes the Iranian regime in its entirety. After decades of being run by corrupt officials, HEPCO, once a symbol of Iran’s industrial flourishment, is barely a shadow of its former self, a bankrupt industrial complex that has become the point of contention between workers and the government.