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UK Parliament conference weighing Iran’s human rights violations

Conference held at the UK Parliament condemns human rights violations in Iran, calls for firm policy- October 17, 2019
Conference held at the UK Parliament condemns human rights violations in Iran, calls for firm policy- October 17, 2019

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

London, October 17, 2019—Representatives of the Iranian opposition National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) joined a British Parliament cross-party panel of MPs and Peers for a conference focusing on Iran in the House of Commons on Thursday, October 17. The panelists condemned human rights violations by the mullahs’ regime and raised further concerns vis-à-vis Iran, including the unacceptable fact that Iranian officials continue to enjoy immunity despite decades of atrocious crimes against humanity. Tehran’s belligerence and malign Middle East activities and ongoing support for terrorism were also among the topics of this conference.

“The regime steps up its aggressions against the governments in France, Britain and Germany seem to be paralyzed. It’s about time we abandoned the appeasement policy. We must proscribe the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and the Intelligence Ministry (MOIS) as terrorist entities,” said Matthew Offord, MP. “We should be supporting the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people, especially the NCRI and the ten-point plan of Mme. Maryam Rajavi.”

Mr. Offord then read out a statement of Iranian opposition NCRI President Maryam Rajavi.

“Our people and resistance have paid a heavy price in the resistance against theocracy in Iran. 120,000 political executions, hundreds of thousands of tortured dissidents, and constant suppression of and discrimination against women as well as ethnic and religious minorities.

Why are the mullahs so much in need of brutal crackdown? Because without it, their regime will fall in the face of widespread public discontent. Because, there is an ongoing protest movement against the mullahs across Iran.



The flagrant violations of human rights of the people of Iran, including continuing executions, are being justified by the policy of appeasement and silence pursued by western governments. About 4,000 people have been executed in Iran since 2013, when Rouhani became president..

This is just part of the appalling record of someone who has been portrayed as a “moderate” mullah by governments favoring appeasement, so that they could preserve the mullahs’ religious fascism and continue their commercial and political deals with them behind such a smoke screen.

Firmness vis-à-vis this regime is an imperative to global and regional peace and security. Any ties or trade with this regime must be predicated on ending executions and torture in Iran, and stopping the export of terrorism.



The human rights dossier of the Iranian regime, and the 1988 massacre of political prisoners in Iran must be referred to the UN Security Council and international tribunals.

The international community must recognize the Iranian people’s right to resistance for a sovereign republic.

Our Resistance seeks to establish a republic based on freedom, democracy and the separation of religion and state, making human rights and gender equality the highest priority.



“What can we do? We’ve got to go beyond condemnation and urge our governments to take the lead to isolate [Iranian regime officials]. The Iranian people have the right to know that there’s solidarity outside their country with their desires for change,” said Lord Tony Clarke of Hampstead, CBE, Labour Party politician.

“We support a firm policy that holds the regime to account,” said David Jones, MP. “Iran believes it is untouchable and cannot be held to account. It is time that the world dealt properly with Iran.”



“Can we really contemplate such a regime having the power to destroy all around it? When the regime is on its knees, that is the most dangerous time. We are facing a situation of supreme danger. We are witnessing the endgame in Iran,” said British MP Stephen Pelham. “Famine exists in some of the parts of Iran. There is no hope. This is one of the youngest populations in the world. One of the most educated populations in the world. How much more they can do in a free Iran. We must free our fellow human beings. We must free them to breathe and grow.”



“Iran is the world’s leading executioner per capita. The execution of juveniles and women continues unabated. The tyrants are masquerading as Muslims, insulting the teaching of Islam,” said Lord Singh of Wimbledon, CBE.

“We know of the persecution of Sikhs, Bahais and other minorities. I believe the country will soon have a wonderful future, if we’re all prepare to stand up and speak for those who can’t speak.”



“In Iran, there is oppression of women. This is the base of the society. There is no respect for women. What the NCRI wants is freedom, recognition of women as free human beings with independent capacities,” said Jocelyn Scott, Australian Barrister and renowned writer and an advocate of women’s rights.



“There is cross-party support for your cause. The Iranian people have suffered greatly under this regime. We must do all we can. As David said, we want more action and less words,” said Sir Martin Vickers, MP.

“The mullahs regime in Iran is not a civilized government. Iran has great tentacles spread across international organizations, particularly in the United Nations,” British MP Bob Blackman.

“The IRGC should be proscribed organization.

- We should rip up the nuclear deal that is giving the regime the power to obtain nuclear weapons.

- Why is it that Mme. Rajvi cannot come here and address us? I urge this conference to send the signal to our government to send an invitation to Mrs. Rajavi and hear from her about the ten-point plan.

- Let us resolve that the next time we meet, it will be in a free and democratic Iran.”



“One of the main issues is the so-called Iranian diplomat who was in charge of planting a bomb in the Free Iran rally last year and was arrested by German police. He is now awaiting trial in Belgium. The regime wanted to commit a heinous crime in Paris. If that plot was successful, it would have resulted in the massacre of many people. It is important that the Belgian government does not succumb to the pressures imposed by the Iranian regime,” said NCRI member Hossein Abedini.


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