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Iran Floods Update – Monday – April 1, 2019

Lightning rod during thunderstorms in Khuzestan Province, southwest Iran
Lightning rod during thunderstorms in Khuzestan Province, southwest Iran

Reported by PMOI/MEK


Iran, April 1, 2019 - Reports of floods from across Iran indicate more areas devastated by torrential rains and floodwaters disrupting people’s lives. Roads are blocked and locals are complaining of the regime failing to take adequate measures to confront this crisis.

The village of Afarineh in Lorestan Province, western Iran, has reportedly been completely engulfed by floods.



The Lorestan Province special representative is reporting a dam near the city of Dorud overflowing and a major crisis threatening this city.

Thirty villages in Ravansar of Kermanshah Province, western Iran, are reportedly surrounded by floodwaters. 70 to 80 percent of these villages have been evacuated.

The village of Rahimabad in Borujerd, Lorestan Province, has also been surrounded by floodwaters.



Khorramabad, the capital of Lorestan Province, is riddled with a flood crisis and various bridges in this major city are threatened.



Many paths are reportedly blocked across Lorestan Province due to floods and landslides. The roads of Khorrambad-Kuhdasht, Khorramabad-Chegeni, Khorramabad-Poledokhtar, Poledokhtar-Kuhdasht, Khorramabad-Borujerd are among the paths blocked.

Officials in the city of Hamedan, the capital of Hamedan Province, are warning of a major flood crisis.



The town of Aq Qala in Golestan Province, northeast Iran, has been hit severely by floodwaters and officials are failing to take any adequate measures. Many roads to and from this town are blocked due to floods and landslides, making life even more difficult.



The Lorestan Water Department director is reporting at least three local dams overflowing.

Khorramrud River is overflowing.



Major floods are reported in the city of Kermanshah, western Iran.




In the city of Andimeshk, Khuzestan Province, a local river is overflowing and threatening the locals’ lives.

Water levels are rising in Teere River in Dorud, western Iran.



Officials are declaring emergency circumstances and a possible catastrophe in the making in the city of Kuhdasht of Lorestan Province.



The roads from the city of Arak, central Iran, to Tehran and Farahan are blocked by rising floods.

In the city of Ahvaz, reports indicate these areas are in grave danger due to rising floods. After torrential rains and vast floods reported across the country on Sunday, Khuzestan and Lorestan provinces will reportedly witness heavy rains on Monday and more floods are forecasted for Tuesday. Locals are bracing for massive flood conditions on Tuesday and Wednesday.