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Fearing chaos, Iranian regime leader calls off impeachments of government officials

Khamenei calls off impeachments from the parliament's agenda
Khamenei calls off impeachments from the parliament's agenda

Analysis by PMOI/MEK


Jan. 8, 2019 - Iranian regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei called off impeachment plans for the ministers of regime president Hassan Rouhani in the parliament’s agenda due to the current fragile and chaotic state of his regime.

In this regard, state-run IRNA news agency reported, “On the sidelines of the official parliament session on Sunday, Jan 6, Ali Asghar Yusef Nejad [MP] declared, ‘There are no impeachments on the agenda of the Majlis [parliament] and all impeachments have been removed from the schedule.’”

Yusef Nejad also added that the MPs who had brought forth impeachment plans have revoked their requests.

Regarding the impeachment of the labor minister of Hassan Rouhani’s cabinet, one of the MPs from Sari said, “Around 20 MPs had signed a request for the impeachment, but all of them revoked their signatures.”

Last week, a letter from the office of Khamenei addressed to the Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani had stated that due to the current complicated conditions of the regime, the impeachment of ministers is not to the benefit of the country.

In recent months, different plans had been pushed forth in the parliament for the impeachment of industry, mines, commerce, transportation, education, and interior ministers. MP Hadi Bahadori had also revealed plans for the impeachment of Rouhani’s intelligence minister. He also stated that the impeachment of several ministers are being pursued in earnest and there are rumors that MPs have set their sights on other ministers as well. By some accounts, most ministers were targeted by impeachment.

The impeachments are part of an intensifying feud between the different ruling factions as the Iranian regime finds itself increasingly incapable of managing the various problems and crises it is facing. In the past year, the parliament impeached and dismissed Rouhani’s labor and economic ministers.


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