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A closer look at the Iranian regime’s increased terrorist activities

The Iranian regime used its official embassies in Europe to plot a terrorist attack on the MEK meeting
The Iranian regime used its official embassies in Europe to plot a terrorist attack on the MEK meeting

Adapted from El-Bashayer Online – written by Abdul Rahman Mahabadi (Professional writer and Iran analyst)


Sept. 20, 2018 - In its 40-year history, the terrorist and fundamentalist regime of Iran has done everything within its power to terrorize and destroy its dissidents and opponents. The regime has been engaging in terrorism across the world in different ways. This is a reality that parliamentarians and politicians have confirmed in the past years, and they have recognized the Iranian regime as the biggest state sponsor of global terrorism.

At the turn of the year, when protests erupted across Iran, the Iranian regime increased its efforts to strike at the Iranian opposition in hopes of stifling the uprisings. Following the remarks of the Iranian regime’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, in which he emphasized the role of the PMOI/MEK in the uprisings, the Iranian regime engaged in several terrorist attempts. At the doorsteps of the Iranian new year in March, the Iranian regime dispatched a group of terrorist to Albania to detonate bombs at the annual gathering of the MEK. Again, in June, another team of Iranian regime terrorists tried to bomb a large Iranian opposition rally in Paris. Shortly after, a similar attempt was discovered in the U.S. If any of these terrorist attempts succeeded, it would have caused a disaster.

What’s significant about these terror attempts is the haste in which the Iranian regime has tried to carry out its plots, to the extent that it has overlooked all the sensibilities that surround its own present circumstances. The Iranian regime even overtly employed its embassies and diplomats in implementing its plans. The disclosures made by the Iranian opposition and the arrest of Iranian diplomat Assadollah Assadi in Germany and the other members of its terrorist network in Albania, France, Belgium, and the U.S. have become a diplomatic disgrace for the regime of Tehran.

Iranian regime officials are resorting to such measures while they are under international scrutiny. They are shamelessly carrying out terrorism through their embassies, which can only be described as a stupid move. While the world is rallying against terrorism, resorting to terrorist measures further arouses international anger at the regime. This is especially bad for Tehran because after the U.S. exited the Iran deal, the regime has become increasingly in need of support from European countries.

The regime’s hasty terrorist measures and its increase of domestic suppression and executions only hint at its desperate state in its final days.

On September 8, the Iranian regime executed three Kurdish political prisoners. At the same time, the regime attacked the headquarters of Kurdish opposition groups in Iraq, killing and injuring dozens of people. There is evidence indicating that the attack was staged from inside Iraq, through a missile base in Sulaymaniyah. If the allegations are proved to be true, it means that the Iranian regime has entered a dangerous game in the region.

History has seen many dictatorships, but the mullahs’ regime of Iran is unique in its own right, especially in terms of shamelessness. The officials of the Iranian regime describe Iran as “the most democratic country in the world” and claim that “there are no political prisoners in Iran.” They also claim that Iran is the most secure country in the world. What they don’t say is that the Iranian regime is the record-holder of executions in the world and it is the biggest state-sponsor of terrorism.

Another aspect of the Iranian regime’s shamelessness is it cyber-terrorism. Recently, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google shut down several online accounts linked to the Iranian regime because of their role in undermining public discourse and spreading propaganda. The Iranian regime’s huge cyber-terrorism machine is being run by the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and the Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), employing thousands of IRGC agents and hackers and spending millions of dollars out of the pockets of the impoverished Iranian people to spread misleading news and lies about the Iranian opposition.

What is evident is that execution, terror, missile attacks and other hollow muscle-flexing moves are being decided at the highest levels of power in the regime. But it won’t help the regime out of it current predicament. The Iranian people are determined to continue their uprisings, and the Iranian community is more vigilant than ever. The regime’s efforts are only further proving that the PMOI/MEK and the NCRI are the main Iranian opposition movements and the real alternatives to the mullahs’ rule.

We’re also witnessing that the international community is becoming increasingly aware of the need to stand against the terrorist regime that rules in Iran and to protect the Iranian opposition. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the Iranian regime’s embassies shut down soon and the NCRI recognized as the real representative of the Iranian people.


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