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Maryam Rajavi meets Mayor Rudy Giuliani


Maryam Rajavi meets Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Maryam Rajavi meets Mayor Rudy Giuliani

March, 20, 2018 - Maryam Rajavi met with Rudy Giuliani, advisor to the US President on Cyber Security and former Mayor of New York, met on Sunday, March 18, 2018.

They discussed the clerical regime’s crises particularly in the wake of the nationwide uprising of the people of Iran and the need to adopt a decisive policy vis-à-vis the clerical regime in its terminal phase.




Maryam Rajavi said the Iranian people’s desire for regime change was expressed loud and clear in their uprising. They showed that they will not be satisfied by anything less than the regime’s overthrow. So, it is time for the International Community to respect their desire and recognize the alternative to this medieval regime.

Rudy Giuliani praised the Iranian people’s recent uprising and said the MEK’s role in organizing the protests --which compelled the regime’s leader and president to acknowledge it—bespeaks of the Iranian Resistance’s potential and capabilities for change in Iran.

In Iran, unlike other countries in the region, there is an alternative to the ruling regime, said Rudy Giuliani and reiterated, this is why regime change will promote peace and tranquility in the region which have been seriously undermined by the Iranian regime.

He underlined his support for the Iranian Resistance led by Maryam Rajavi for regime change and establishment of freedom and democracy in Iran.