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Tehran: Leaving the security of government centers to the IRGC during the Fire Festival


English News
English News
Iran, March 14, 2018 - According to reports from inside Iran, the head of Tehran police force said it would not be able to control the situation on the eve of Fire Festival celebrations, and asked IRGC for help.
Following the request, the responsibility to control the security of the capital Tehran on the eve of Fire Festival celebrations was turned to the IRGC's "Tharallah" base and "Mohammed" corps in Tehran.
Since last Monday, several coordination meetings took place between IRGC commanders and the police and "Basij" force for various parts of Tehran's municipality. These coordination was conducted under the name of "Crisis management."
Protection for all centers of oppression and government buildings was assigned to "Mohammed" corps and "Tharallah" base, in the "Crisis management Headquarters" and the police force would only appear in public places.


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