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Iranian people are preparing for a new uprising


English News
English News
Al Akhbariya TV, March 12, 2018  In an interview with Moussa Afshar, a member of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), Al Ekhbariya TV said that the Iranian people are preparing themselves for an uprising during the Iranian traditional National Fire Festival. 
Afshar told Al Akhbariya: “The headquarter of People's Mujahedin Organization inside Iran has called on the Iranian people and especially youth, to protest against the dictatorship. This regime has nothing to do with Iran’s cultural heritage and genuine religion of Islam. The regime has been preventing the Iranian people from holding this national ceremony, as people light up the darkness of the ayatollahs by setting up fire as part of a national tradition and symbolic action against the regime.
This year’s occasion which is being held two months after the January uprising, is more important than previous events, as we expect ever-greater protests during the National Fire Festival.
The regime’s days are numbered and it should wait for more stormy days to come.


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