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VIDEO: Russian airstrike hits Idlib


English News
English News

Orient Net, March 10, 2018-- A Russian warplane has targeted the city of  Idlib, injuring dozens of civilians, and causing damage in civilians’ houses and shops.




Meanwhile, at least 20 people were injured in a regime airstrike on a nursery school in Idlib countryside on Monday, according to a local civil defense official.

The attack targeted Abdullah Ibn Abbas Preschool in Teftenaz village in Idlib, Mustafa Hajj Youssef, director of the White Helmets civil defense agency, said.

Step News agency published video footage online of what it said the aftermath of a deadly airstrike targeted the city.

Idlib province is the biggest part of Syria held by opposition, with a population swollen by Syrians who were displaced by Assad advances in other parts of the country.


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