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Players of Esteghlal football club recommend their fans to save their fireworks for the 'Fire Festival'


English News
English News

Iran, March 12, 2018 - When asked about the upcoming Monday's game against the "Ein Al Emarat" team from UAE, Esteghlal players from Iran's capital, Tehran, told their fans who are going to attend the game at the stadium: "Save your fire crackers for the Fire Festival", government media reported.
According to these reports, during the latest practice sessions of Esteghlal's "blue jerseys", some of the players said: "If our fans have some firecrackers or something, keep them for the Fire Festival. The night after our game, they can put these firecrackers and bombs in to a good use."
"Stadiums are really not suitable places for fireworks, but the Fire Festival, it is! Of course, during the old times, they didn't use to play with firecrackers that much, but during past couple of decades, it's become a trend to crack bombs and firecrackers," said another player while laughing.



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