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The National Celebration Of Fire Festival For Brightness + Freedom Against The Darkness Of The Clerical Despotism


English News
English News
Iran, March 9, 2018 - The uprising in Iran will once again flare up. Flags of rebellious will be hoisted and brave activists will become the voice of voiceless.
On the eve of last Wednesday of the year, the day of Fire Festival, every street and every ally will become an anti-government bastion, and every home will become the resistance fortress for freedom and democracy.
On the eve the national Fire Festival, the brave youth and the rebellious hubs will start another uprising against the clerical dictatorship. Iran must be taken  back from this despotic regime.
The storm of uprising will never stop and will continue until the overthrow of this tyrannical regime. The uprising will continue until the establishment of freedom and democracy in Iran with the slogan of "Down with the Dictator" and "Down with Velayt e-Faqih (the guardianship of jurists)."
The spring of victory, freedom and democracy is near and Iran will be freed.


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