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International Women's Day; Iran Uprising and the Role of Women


English News
English News

Paris, Feb. 17, 2018 - In a Conference called “Iran Uprising and the Role of Women” in Paris, France on February 17, Maryam Rajavi hailed the great women of Iran who stood up against the tyranny and the brutality of fundamentalist Iranian regime.
Maryam Rajavi accompanied by lawmakers, dignitaries and women rights activists from France, Britain, Germany, USA, Italy, Spain, Egypt, Palestine, Jordan, Syria and a dozen other countries in the Conference.




Mrs. Rajavi said the International Women’s Day is a day to be proud of, celebrate and admire because the women of Iran have taken major strides at the forefront of the fight against fundamentalism, the enemy of #Women the world over.
She congratulated all the #Women of the world, and the freedom loving women of #Iran for persisting on the cause of equality and freedom.




She hail to the #Women of Syria who have hoisted the banner of hope in the midst of the ruins of a country with 10 million homeless and 500 thousand victims.
She added "I must also salute our sisters around the world, particularly the #Women of Syria, who resisted last year against tyranny, fundamentalism and violence.
"The clerical regime’s leaders confess that the main ring inciting the uprisings are made up of women. And I would like to add that the main ring for regime change in Iran are also women" Maryam Rajavi added.
"Women have not taken to the streets to demand anything from but to annihilate the clerical regime. Women have not risen up to demand only their own freedom but to liberate the whole nation.


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